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Which Topics Should Be on the Sprint Review Agenda?

An effective Sprint review meeting agenda should cover new features, sprint impediments, and an assessment of whether the sprint goal was achieved. Sprint reviews typically last two to four hours and feature a product demonstration where a working version of the latest increment is presented and inspected.

Scrum masters facilitate the sprint reviews and make sure that all issues are addressed and the sprint meeting’s goal is achieved: the product increment is inspected and the product backlog is adapted.

Which topics should be discussed in the sprint review

A Sprint review agenda typically covers the following topics:

  • Product demo - To showcase completed work
  • User stories - To confirm which stories can be set to complete and what to do with the incomplete ones
  • Product backlog - Review and refinement of the product backlog

You can also expect other items typical of meeting agendas such as a list of attendees and housekeeping notes. 

Example sprint review agenda

Welcome and housekeeping: 25 minutes

  • Attendees
  • Sprint status
  • Review of top requirements
  • Review of key Scrum metrics

Product Demo: 25 minutes

  • Team feedback

Review of User Stories: 20 - 40 minutes

  • Complete
  • Incomplete 

Product backlog refinement: 15 minutes

Closing: 15 minutes

  • Any open issues/impediments and action items are noted and assigned
  • Any other business

The Scrum master and product owner may add more topics and agenda items to address specific issues. It is also their responsibility to keep the meeting on-topic and move forward in a timely manner.

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Benefits of using sprint review agendas online

If you’re managing your Scrum project using an online project management tool you can add a sprint review agenda as a task associated with the current sprint. You can also use tags to associate them to a topic. This allows you to search for them across multiple sprints. 

Create a sprint review checklist

A sprint review checklist is a more granular set of items that need to be addressed at a sprint review. They can be referenced from the meeting agenda or kept separate.