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Sprint Review vs Sprint Retrospective - What Is the Difference?

The Sprint review and retrospective are the final two steps of the Scrum sprint cycle, as highlighted in the diagram below, where teams review outcomes and put together action lists for subsequent sprints.

Sprint review vs. sprint retrospective

In short, sprint reviews are about what is being built and Sprint retrospectives about how the Scrum team is building it.

Here is a sprint review vs sprint retrospective comparison.


Two key differences between Sprint reviews vs Sprint retrospectives

  1. Sprint reviews feature demonstrations: The Scrum team can showcase its accomplishments while giving stakeholders the opportunity to inspect the increment and provide feedback. As a result of this, the Product Backlog may be updated.

  2. Sprint retrospectives can feature games: While Sprint reviews are run like your typical Scrum meeting, Sprint retrospectives can be less formal and more fun. This helps with participation and maintain a positive Scrum environment.

Some of the more popular Sprint retrospectives games include Lego Retrospective, Retrospective Bingo, and Explorers, Shoppers, Vacationers, Prisoners (ESVP).


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