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What Is the Sprint Review Checklist?

Sprint reviews take place at the end of sprints and are an opportunity for the team to inspect work and gather actionable feedback.

While informal, sprint reviews are well structured and follow an agenda. The Scrum master facilitates the meeting while the demo is typically carried out by the product owner. This gives everyone the opportunity to contribute.

Example sprint review checklist

Here is an example of a sprint review checklist featuring a basic set of items. A Scrum master will add in more relating to the sprint itself.

☐ The software is working and has been tested
☐ Documentation is up to date

☐ Product demonstration
☐ Close completed user stories
☐ Review and re-prioritize incomplete user stories
☐ Move incomplete stories to the next sprint or back to the product backlog
☐ Discuss and note issues and impediments and assign for resolution

The sprint review checklist complements the sprint meeting agenda which is a list of topics covered during the sprint review. 

Creating a sprint review checklist online

Online project management tools are ideal for creating and managing sprint review checklists. Scrum teams may favor paper-based ones as they huddle around a Scrum board or rely on office productivity programs such as spreadsheets, but using a platform like Wrike offers many advantages, including:

  • Creating checklists within tasks
  • These checklists can be accessed by all team members via mobile devices
  • That specific checklist task is then associated with the relevant phase of the project and can be quickly found

In Wrike, checklists can be created within a task description. The simplest approach is to set up a task for the sprint review and add the agenda and checklist to it. 

An alternative is to use sub-tasks as checklist items. The main advantage of this approach is that they can be assigned as actions for someone to follow up on.


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