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What is the Difference Between Scrum and Agile?

The term Agile refers to the methods and best practices for organizing projects, based on the values and principles documented in the Agile Manifesto. Scrum, on the other hand, is a framework that’s used for the implementation of Agile. 

In other words, Scrum is a guideline for how to embrace Agile on your projects. It provides the rules, roles, events, tools, and artifacts necessary for successfully implementing an Agile project. You can think of Agile as the process you want to achieve and Scrum as a tool for success. Imagine you want to lose weight. Agile would be a low-carb diet. Scrum would be the daily meal plan that allows you to achieve that diet. 

Scrum isn’t the only framework for implementing Agile – it’s simply one of the more popular options. For instance, Kanban and Extreme Programming are 2 other popular Agile frameworks that you can use for organizing your Agile projects. 

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