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Is Agile project management only for software?

While the Agile methodology was initially designed for software development, that’s not all it’s good for. Agile is a flexible methodology that can be applied to nearly any large scale project in any industry, market, and company. 

The tenets of Agile are more suited for projects that result in concrete deliverables (as opposed to services). But Agile carries a wide range of benefits that can apply to nearly all projects and companies. Since Agile is based on using an iterative and incremental approach to product development, you can structure any project to be more flexible and adaptive to changes. 

Any of the following types of projects can benefit from using Agile: 

  • Projects that experience fast-changing deliverables
  • Projects that evolve over time or don’t have clear scope and requirements at the beginning
  • Projects that require frequent customer interaction and collaboration with external parties
  • Projects focused on innovation and continual improvements
  • Projects with a lot of interdependent tasks and teams that need to work closely together 
  • Projects that require a prototype before building the final deliverable 
  • Projects that must be able to gather and act on rapid feedback during development
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