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What Is a Marketing Persona?

In literary terms, a persona is a role assumed by the author, enabling them to tell their story using a first-person narrative. But what is a persona in marketing? A marketing persona is a fictional character created by a marketer to represent a certain demographic in their target audience. 

So, what is a buyer persona in marketing? It’s the same thing. This persona is someone you are selling to, so they are your potential buyer. In account-based marketing, marketers work closely with sales professionals to create tailored campaigns for high-value clients. Buyer personas are a key element here, steering the creative direction of these campaigns.

As the name suggests, an anti-persona is someone who isn’t part of your target market. When creating your actual personas, it’s good to identify anti-personas to ensure you don’t direct your campaigns towards people who won’t be interested in your product.

Why use personas in marketing?

Persona creation helps marketing teams to get inside their users’ minds and figure out what they want in a product or service. This information could be relayed back to the product team so that customer-focused enhancements can be made.

Personas also enable marketers to personalize the message they deliver to specific demographics. Marketing teams can use a targeted approach to break their audience into segments and discover which ones are most likely to engage with their content. For example, rather than sending a generic, broad-reaching email to all users, you could create a unique greeting for each segment.

Finally, personas help marketing teams to identify strong leads. By creating a personalized message for a fictional character, they might attract a real-life person who fits this description. This lead might respond to the marketing team’s efforts by visiting the organization’s website or signing up for a free trial, which could result in them becoming a long-time customer.

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Example of marketing persona

Let’s say you work for a toy company. This means your campaigns will target people who frequently buy toys for kids. You could create a number of personas that fit this description, including full-time parents, grandparents, and other family members.

Here is one example of a marketing persona:

Name: Jane
Marital status:
Nashville, Tennessee
Sarah (4) and Jason (2)
Social media used:
To purchase toys with educational value
Pain points:
Excessive use of plastic 

Based on the above information, a marketing team could create a campaign that speaks to Jane directly. For example, it might include an Instagram video ad that shows two young kids playing a counting game made from wooden blocks.

Now you know what a marketing persona looks like, you can create one tailored to your specific audience.