SBS Online increases productivity by 50% after adopting Wrike

Nick Doherty

Managing Editor of Television

SBS Online — Australia`s multicultural and multilingual public broadcasting radio and television network

Their story

Managing a great number of tasks at one time without a Project Management tool makes the work process complicated

Formulating the online aspects of TV shows and commissioning online exclusive serials/docs is a multifold process with one foot in the other parts of the Web production process. At one time, there were around 30 active projects, and the decision to adopt Web-based PM became the question of further company results.

“For about three weeks, I was searching out and road-testing all the options I could find. Wrike was one of the first I found, but the last I tested. Wrike kept popping up through searches, and I kept reading comments on forums from happy users,” says Nick Doherty, managing editor of television for SBS Online.

During for a long time SBS Online had been testing different tools like Basecamp, Highrise. However, each of them lacked something essential and did not allow the company to organize the projects in an appropriate way. Wrike did this for them. In addition, every other application charged per project. It seems to be a standard approach, and it's so backward! Wrike's pricing is based on a per user model, so it really was a lifesaver.

When I saw that I could create unlimited projects within one single workspace without needing to jump between different project workspaces, I fell in love with Wrike.

Nick Doherty

Managing Editor of Television

Their victory

Having all of the projects in one workspace allows to keep an eye on every tiny task that needs to be done

The process within SBS Online looks like juggling up to 50 different projects. Some are really small and have very few tasks associated with them, but they still need to be on the radar. Others are in the full swing of day-to-day operations. That's not an overstatement - the stress of trying to organize such a lot of projects was enormous. Flipping between 50 different project workspaces reduces productivity on the half.

“All I can say is it made me about 50% more productive and 100% happier. Put simply, I'm far from perfect, and Wrike is helping me work on that!” says Nick Doherty. “As the company grows it becomes impossible to handle our tasks and plan the workload without Wrike.”

Their superpowers

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Instant Notifications

SBS Online integrates e-mails tasks within Wrike to keep their teams up to date on the current workload. This process saves time on duplicating information.

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Dashboard View

SBS Online uses Wrike`s Dashboard Display to visualize their current work processes. “I also love the heads-up view of what I need to get done on the dashboard and the ease with which I can re-organize my working week on the fly,” says Doherty.

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