Wrike expedites Only-apartments new website launch

Ramon Glieneke

Marketing Director at Only-apartments

Only-apartments — spain-based provider of services in global apartment rentals. Provides rental offers in 100 countries with more than 2,000 destinations. Their platform is available in 25 languages.

Their story

With the launch of their new site approaching, the marketing team struggled with visibility on cross-project collaboration

At Only-apartments, there are eight distinct divisions in marketing. Collaboration and productivity was struggling across all their different divisions. On top of that, they were simultaneously launching a new site. So it was crucial to have full visibility on all marketing campaigns as well as the new branding on the site.

The possibility of getting this result without having to send hundreds of emails and set up more meetings has been one of our major accomplishments. Detailed custom reports on the project, employee and team progress helped us achieve great results in launching our projects.

Ramon Glieneke

Marketing Director at Only-apartments

Their victory

As a result of using Wrike, the company was able to successfully launch their new website and adapt their marketing activities in a timely manner

Collaborating on the website launch in Wrike turned out to be such an inspiring and successful experience that currently the marketing, communication, product and sales teams all use Wrike to get more done.

Their superpowers

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Project Visibility

The simplicity and ease of use gives them a clear view into how teams are collaborating and who has been assigned specific tasks, and thus Wrike became a key asset for ensuring project delivery.

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Multi-Folder Tagging

“Hands down, the most useful feature is the ability to access one task from multiple folders,” Glieneke said. This power enables people from different departments to seamlessly work together on the same task and stay on top of the most important updates.

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Seamless Email Integration

People receive email notifications about each changed task, and they can add their own updates to the task directly from their inbox, comment on the task, access files and attach new ones.

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