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Gunter Hildebrand

Managing Partner

Hildebrands GmbH — a German company that provides a wide range of services in international shop fitting, support in strategic sales development, product design and brand architecture

Their story

The main challenge for Hildebrands is to organize effective collaboration with partners in all of the projects

Hildebrand Consulting, was founded in 2004. The company provides a wide range of services to marketing-focused companies with strong brand names - to name a few, Volkswagen, Schiesser, Ado Goldkante and Bauerfind. Other Hildebrand Consulting`s core competency is international shop fitting. They offer design, merchandising and installation solutions for retail stores. The company also supports their customers in strategic sales development, product design and brand architecture. Also, they run youretail.com , a networking presentation platform for retail design, shop fitting and shop-in-shop systems in the field of food retail.

“We work as a distributed team,” says Gunter Hildebrand, Managing Partner at Hildebrands GmbH. “There are few employees in the office, and around 30 external partners are located all over Europe. We have to cooperate with lots of agencies, designers and suppliers all the time. Obviously, the flow of information is huge. Considering the number of team members and the distance between us, communication can become very time-consuming.” Main aim for project management tool at Hildebrands was to navigate such big network of the partners. They should have been able to keep everyone up-to-date without spending half a day on the phone or typing emails.

“A few years ago, we tried some project management software, namely Microsoft Project and Basecamp, but they didn't match our criteria. We wanted to find a tool that would be very functional, yet not bulky. It had to be user-friendly and easy to adopt. So, we kept looking for a solution that would meet all our needs. Then I came across several mentions of Wrike on Google and decided to give it a try. Wrike turned out to be the best option for us!” says Gunter Hildebrand. Wrike project management software was really simple to use, it had a fresh look and a neat interface. One more advantage was the variety of subscription plans.

Wrike minimizes the need to make numerous phone calls and send dozens of emails when working on a project. It saves a lot of time!

Gunter Hildebrand

Managing Partner

Their victory

All the project workflow has become transparent to everyone who is involved with Wrike

The company assigns new tasks and events and edit them in the workspace. A lot of routine communication tasks are automatically taken care of by Wrike. Everyone who is involved gets notifications about the updates in the schedule. Everyday to-do reminders are very handy. They help the team make plans for the day, and nothing gets forgotten.

“We are quite a special company because we have little internal administration and a very big network outside,” says Gunter Hildebrand. “To be a productive team, it is crucial for us to keep everyone informed in real time. Since we started using Wrike, we've seen big improvements.”

Their superpowers

Power icon

Gantt Chart

Wrike`s Gantt Chart (Timeline View) keeps Hildebrands' multitasking activities under control. “This feature helps me supervise the progress of our projects and thus enhances my control over the team's performance. It's also very convenient that changes to the schedule can be made right on the chart, and everyone gets instantaneous notifications,” says Gunter Hildebrand.

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Status Update

With the "Request status update" feature saves Hildebrands around 25% of time that they previously spent on internal project communications. “You don't need to enter your mailbox and type a message every time you want to get an update on the progress of a certain task. Instead, you can do it right in your workspace,” says Gunter Hildebrand.

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