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Wrike Doubles the Effectiveness of Digital Development Team

Wrike Doubles the Effectiveness of Digital Development Team
Astoria, NY
Departments Using Wrike
Web/Digital Team
# of Employees
# of Users
Feature Highlights
Manage Resources, Ease of Use, Work across teams
Communications, Radio Stations, Media & Entertainment
Why Wrike
"Wrike, a simple and elegant tool that is not overloaded with features and saves the team precious time. Wrike's interface is very straightforward, and it doesn't overthink things. This significant advantage doubled Entercom's effectiveness."
Top Challenges
As the company grew, it was more difficult to get real-time task updates from team members, which jammed the development process.

Entercom is one of the five largest radio broadcasting companies in the United States, with a nationwide portfolio of 110 stations in 23 markets.

Their story

Entercom had difficulties in managing two parallel activities — trouble-ticketing and project management

Being one of the five largest radio broadcasting companies in the U.S., Entercom unites 110 stations in 23 markets and is home to some of radio's most distinguished brands and compelling personalities. The company is also the radio broadcast partner of the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Kansas City Royals, New Orleans Saints, and Buffalo Sabres.

As one of the industry leaders, Entercom needed to keep up with technological innovations, including digital technologies. “I'm heading the digital development team that is distributed over many locations across the country. Everything that is web-related falls on our shoulders. We assist the stations in different parts of the U.S. with their digital needs, including support requests and new projects,” says Nick Borders, Director of Digital Development.

Entercom tried several tools, one of which was QuickBase. “We found it to be an overly clunky tool for our team. Wrike, on the contrary, lets us manage projects and handle trouble-ticketing parallel to each other. It's a huge boost to our team's productivity,” says Borders.

"What's especially valuable for us is that Wrike has a neat idea of a task. It treats tasks as small action items, which can be either associated with projects or viewed as separate trouble tickets."

Their victory

The main thing is that Wrike lets Entercom organize the whole team and keep them in touch

It allows the team to maintain real-time collaboration that helps them to support the radio broadcasting network's needs and move the company ahead in the direction of innovation. “I have a complete view of our department work, and at the same time I can examine any individual task in depth. That's important when I need to adjust our existing project plans to the changing requirements or plan our future projects. I also know what each member of my team in any part of the country is busy with, so I can wisely allocate our resources,” says Borders.

Wrike turned out to be exactly what Entercom needed — a simple and elegant tool that isn't overloaded with features and saves the team precious time. Wrike's interface is very straightforward, and it doesn't overthink things. This significant advantage doubled Entercom's effectiveness.

Wrike made the Entercom team's processes easy with folders instead of projects, since folders are associated with specific radio stations or local markets, not just projects. “I'll give you an example,” says Borders. “Let's say we have a support request from one of our stations, and we are working on a related project at the same time. If this issue and the project will be tracked separately, some of the job will probably be done twice, which will slow down the whole development process. Wrike solved this problem for us. If we get an email support request, we forward it to Wrike."

In Wrike the newly created task can be associated with the specific radio station folder. The Entercom team can share a support request, assign it to a developer in the related project team, and work on the existing problem together. Moreover, this prevents the problem from popping up again after the project is delivered.

Their superpowers

Intelligent email engine

The Entercom team decreases response latency on new support requests via email and increases productivity with Wrike's intelligent email engine.


The Entercom team uses both actual reporting and past project analysis. Wrike lets them get customized reports and sort information by project, responsible person, date, etc.

Gantt charts

Wrike's Gantt chart (Timeline view) solves one of the biggest problems at Entercom by organizing tasks in new projects and providing a quick snapshot of current work.

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