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The power of digital asset management in Wrike

Maintaining brand integrity across channels and campaigns isn’t easy. That’s why Wrike is partnering with today’s leading digital asset management (DAM) providers to help your team quickly find the right files for every project.

Publish assets with ease

Publish assets with ease

Minimize time spent switching tools and avoid version control issues by publishing new and updated assets to your DAM system directly from Wrike. Wrike custom fields are automatically mapped to DAM metadata.

Quickly build on-brand campaigns

Quickly build on-brand campaigns

Search, preview, and use DAM files in Wrike to save teams time and minimize redundant creative requests. Attach specific files to Wrike tasks to keep project details centralized and easily accessible.

Collaborate across key stakeholders

Collaborate across key stakeholders

Download files from your DAM software to Wrike, share them with key stakeholders, and review edits using Wrike Proof. Once a file is approved, upload it to your DAM for use across your entire organization.

Manage brand assets directly in Wrike

Wrike Publish helps unify brand messaging and visuals across integrated campaigns. Upload, find, and attach approved digital assets in MediaValet or Bynder* across Wrike tasks in record time.

Proof before you publish
Visually mark up new or existing files using Wrike Proof. Publish them directly to your digital asset manager in just a few clicks once key stakeholders review and approve.
Search files by sight
Search assets by keyword and metadata, or visually browse DAM workspaces in Wrike to quickly spot and select the perfect assets for your project or campaign.
Attach assets to tasks
Attach the right files directly to Wrike tasks to avoid questions or confusion, and help ensure visual brand consistency across integrated campaigns.

*Third party digital asset management subscriptions sold separately

“We are beyond thrilled to bring the power of MediaValet’s digital asset management platform to Wrike. Joint clients will now be able to publish, find, and use approved assets faster and easier than ever before. This is a must-have integration for any marketing team that’s serious about executing brilliant, on-brand cross-channel campaigns.”

Fraser Charles

Director of Global Strategic Partnerships

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