Incoming Proofing and Approvals Template

Streamline your creative operations workflow with the Incoming Proofing and Approvals Template. Use requests forms to manage work intake, get in-context feedback with our markup tool, and manage progress with boards.

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Manage and execute creative asset development requests

Creative teams manage and deliver a wide range of requests, including images, graphics, videos, animations, and documents. While the creation of these assets is difficult enough, the process can often be brought to a standstill by endless rounds of vague feedback and confusing approval chains.

Wrike removes these roadblocks through a streamlined incoming proofing and approvals workflow. Receive incoming creative briefs with a custom request form, manage execution in real time using dashboards, and get in-context feedback from your stakeholders directly on images, documents, and videos with our markup tools. Wrike helps designers, video producers, animators, and other creatives save time chasing down feedback through the approval process with this streamlined workflow.

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How to use the Incoming Proofing and Approvals Template in Wrike

The Incoming Proofing and Approvals Template demonstrates how to manage a request-based workflow. The template provides a sample request form that can be accessed by clicking the green + button at the top of the interface and choosing it from the list. You can make this request form available to external users in the account management panel.

Fill out the form and submit it to create a new request. New requests are added as tasks in the project. A pre-configured traffic-control dashboard allows you to manage the status of these requests. All users that manage your incoming request should be added to this view.

When a request has been approved, change the status to "Approved" by selecting the request and dragging it to the Approved column. To assign the request to a team member, select it from the list, click Add assignee and select a member of your team. If the person is not in Wrike yet, simply add their email address and an invitation to join Wrike will be sent to them.

The users assigned to work on each request can use the pre-configured assignee dashboard to keep track of their day-to-day work. Assigned tasks will show up in their incoming requests queue.To review a creative asset, open the image, document, or video attachments directly in Wrike. Use the markup tools to leave comments on any area of an image or at any point in time on a video. Then, you can approve it or request updates.

After the request has been completed, change the status to "Complete" and make sure to @mention the requester. You can change or customize anything to meet your needs. 


Anyone can use the incoming proofing and approvals template. However, it is especially beneficial for teams where it is normal to undergo multiple review cycles for a deliverable. This often includes design teams or other content teams.
You can use request forms to manage asset requests. Collect the information you need with the request form, then assign the task to team members. This optimizes the request intake process and eliminates the need to schedule follow-up meetings or chase down colleagues via email for more information.
The incoming proofing and approvals template is completely free.
This template improves approval workflows by eliminating endless review cycles and allowing decision-makers and clients to mark up assets for change and give final approval directly within a task.

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