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Connecting opportunities and maximizing synergies in M&A

Wrike makes M&A seamless, from sourcing all the way to integration. Connect, simplify, and maximize every outcome, every time.

<p>Connecting opportunities and maximizing synergies in M&amp;A</p>


Oversee the complete M&A process in one platform

Juggling numerous projects, acquisitions, or deals? Wrike makes it easy to manage multi-stage pipelines, collaborate on thousands of tasks, and securely centralize all your data.

Identify acquisition objectives, theses, and criterias 

Organize, streamline, and visualize merger and acquisition strategies from the get-go. 

Easily develop a list of potential targets based on the criteria, deal thesis and type of acquisition — whether it’s horizontal, vertical, conglomerate, or more. 

Visualize the entire M&A pipeline in real time

Keep everyone in the loop. Give stakeholders access to a visual pipeline of deals, adjusted for relevancy and urgency.

Harness Wrike’s power to automate data collection, rapid reporting, and detailed target scoring for every merger and acquisition.

Collaborate securely and effectively on due diligence

Make endless emails a thing of the past. Wrike provides the ultimate collaborative environment for due diligence participants. 

Communicate instantly, comment in-context, and create Locked Spaces to secure confidential information and sensitive projects.

Productize learnings into proprietary playbooks 

Put your achievements to work by turning accumulated learnings into step-by-step playbooks.

Help future M&A teams move quickly, mitigate risks, and avoid repetitive mistakes. Make consistent corporate development success possible and predictable.

Achieve every merger’s strategic goals

Standardize merger and acquisition support and simplify post-integration phases by organizing workstreams into day 1, day 30, and day 90 stages. 

Create, assign, and monitor KPIs to realize deal synergies and unite teams in the pursuit of strategic goals.

Leader in Collaborative Work Management
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Leader in Collaborative Work Management

<h5>Top Rated for Project Management / Collaboration / Project Portfolio Management</h5>
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Top Rated for Project Management / Collaboration / Project Portfolio Management
G2 Category Leader<br>(12 Categories)
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G2 Category Leader
(12 Categories)

Gain access to quick-start due diligence templates

Hit the ground running with a library of ready-built templates that’ll help you set key goals, manage pipelines, smooth integration, and streamline your merger and acquisition processes.

<h5>Pipeline management</h5>
Pipeline management

Keep momentum moving with Wrike’s expertly-developed business process management (BPM) template. Analyze and optimize existing processes to create easier and more efficient M&A pipeline management.

<h5>Post-merger integration</h5>
Post-merger integration

Small steps lead to big successes. Wrike’s complex project with phases template helps break integration into manageable phases, with the ability to assign tasks and track progress on a timeline.

<h5>End-to-end M&amp;A success<br></h5>
End-to-end M&A success

Wrike’s all-in-one merger and acquisition template will help you and your PMO team set goals, manage busy pipelines, and deliver smooth, stress-free integration.

The complete corporate development solution

Cut out chaos for good with Wrike’s all-in-one M&A management platform. Make every deal, integration, and goal a success.

<p>The complete corporate development solution<br></p>
<p>The complete corporate development solution<br></p>