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for PMO

For growing teams

Effective team management


user/ month

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Key features:

  • 2-25 users

  • Streamline operational processes by creating custom workflows that reflect your organization’s behaviors and preferences. Enjoy easy drop-down selection, precise tracking, and consolidated reporting via unified statuses.
  • Create an unlimited number of projects for your PMO team.
  • Create unlimited tasks and subtasks with unlimited levels of nesting. Get deeper visibility into the execution process and see which assignee is responsible for each activity.
  • Create unlimited custom fields to capture specific attributes of your projects for more context and better tracking and reporting.
  • Enable streamlined work intake from anywhere with dynamic forms that create tasks automatically with the right information included.
  • View all your project activities in context. Set important project dates as milestones so you never miss strict deadlines. Create dependencies between tasks to easily adjust project timelines as needed.
  • See your work in our easy-to-understand, drag-and-drop Kanban board view.
  • Love using a spreadsheet to track your work? No problem! Our table view offers the power and versatility you need in a familiar format.
  • Get at-a-glance insights into progress across all projects with interactive widgets based on real-time data.
  • Visualize work chronologically and build interactive roadmaps for deliverables across all projects and programs.
  • Configure and tailor personalized dashboards to help track the work you need your team to see.
  • Quickly set up pre-configured workspaces based on industry best practices and relevance to your team and use case.
  • Enjoy quick and easy access to Wrike using Google login credentials.
  • Define and trigger automated actions to reduce manual effort and make repetitive work a thing of the past.
  • Streamline collaboration with non-Wrike users on incoming requests from the moment a request is submitted to when it’s completed.
  • Connect the tools you’re already using in one workflow, including OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Slack.
  • Store your files securely in the cloud.
  • Help your teams collaborate no matter where they are with Wrike’s app for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

No credit card required

for PMO

Cross-functional teams and departments

Customized platform for any team and use case



No credit card required

Everything in the Team plan, plus:

  • 5-200 users

  • Quickly set up pre-built workspaces based on industry best practices and relevance to your team and use case.
  • Mature your operations and processes with over 400 integrations to streamline your PMO from file management to communications, BI reporting, analytics, and so much more!
  • Skip downloading and re-uploading of project asset files. Review work and provide feedback in context with Wrike’s best-in-class markup and Document Editor tools.
  • Create a standard chain of approvals and replicate it for all of your projects. Easily and securely collaborate with external users such as consultants and contractors for timely feedback and approvals.
  • Confirm the right resources are available for your projects across the portfolio. Track hours, distribute work, and quickly shift resources as needed across your teams.
  • Kick off your programs and projects with dynamic request forms. Streamline all work requests in one place and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Templatize the structure and content of various project types across your PMO to save time and drive consistency managing repetitive work.
  • Standardize your project management process and save time by kicking off projects in one click via dynamic request forms. Create projects from custom templates containing pre-configured tasks, dependencies, assignments, workflows, and approvals.
  • White-label Wrike to create consistency and align the look and feel of your workspace with your brand.
  • Eliminate manual efforts, making repetitive work a thing of the past. Trigger notifications and deploy workflows automatically.
  • Connect to tools used by any department in your organization, such as Google Drive, Slack, and SharePoint, as well as IT, CRM, and reporting tools like Jira, ServiceNow, Salesforce, and Power BI. Whatever tools your stakeholders use, we have you covered.
  • Consolidate your project files in one easy-to-access place for easy reference and secure storage.
  • Standardize each department process by creating relevant task statuses for each sub-team. Enable easy drop-down selection, precise tracking, and unified reporting.
  • Get a bird’s-eye view of all of your team’s work. Make real-time decisions with valuable data from our easy-to-use Dashboard and Report Builder.
  • Tag projects and tasks into multiple locations to enable effective collaboration and give other teams across your portfolio visibility into your work. Organize projects in folders to create a clean structure and simplify the reporting process.
  • Create custom work types to define your own project operations process for any methodology your team supports. Build out items relevant for your team and configure necessary fields, workflows, and other attributes.
  • Cut through the clutter and work on your most important tasks, which are automatically created as you take notes based on our machine learning (ML) recommendations.
  • Create a personalized work schedule based on work hours and time off for you and your team. Projects and tasks will automatically reschedule to accommodate individual and team plans.
  • Allocate work based on team capacity. Plan work allocation, reprioritize projects, and distribute hours flexibly and in real time across assignees.
  • Define how many hours it takes to complete each task or estimate what percentage of a team member’s time you need dedicated to a project.
  • Easily add members outside of your project team with free collaborator licenses.
  • Create user groups for team members who belong to a particular function or project team, have the same workflows, or need visibility into the same information.

No credit card required

for PMO

Scalability for growing organizations

Enterprise-wide scalability and configurability

No credit card required

Everything in the Business plan, plus:

  • 5 to unlimited users

  • See who made changes to activities in your projects. Get on-demand reports to track the activity of regular users and Wrike account admins.
  • Create, name, customize, and delete access roles to control what users (or user groups) can do within a shared folder, project, or space.
  • Implement password policies to ensure passwords meet minimum strength requirements and are regularly changed.
  • Marketers only need to sign in once through their corporate portal to access Wrike and other associated applications. SSO via corporate credentials is enabled by OneLogin, Google Apps, and Okta.
  • Define and trigger automated project workflows to eliminate manual efforts, making repetitive work a thing of the past.
  • Consolidate your project files in one easy-to-access place for seamless reference and secure storage.
  • Delegate Wrike account management specifics to your team-specific and company-wide administrators.
  • Add an extra layer of security that requires a time-sensitive verification code along with a username and password.
  • Delegate Wrike account management permissions to your team-specific and company-wide administrators.

No credit card required

for PMO

For teams with complex work needs

Advanced tools and analytics for complex work

No credit card required

Everything in the Enterprise plan, plus:

  • 5 to unlimited users

  • Make executive proofing a pain-free process. Advanced capabilities include the ability to view, edit, or comment on assets in real time.
  • Get 360-degree, real-time visibility with secure and customizable reports, visual dashboards, and forecasting capabilities.
  • Get powerful insights into performance metrics such as planned versus actual billable hours so PMO teams can optimize resources, pivot fast, and plan effectively.
  • Assign specific job roles to streamline planning and work allocation based on their functional area.
  • Plan and monitor project, program, and portfolio budgets based on team member or job role.
  • Estimate project effort by team member or job role without creating a detailed work breakdown structure. Gauge how much effort each initiative will take to plan the workload of each team member accordingly.
  • Define and trigger automated workflows to eliminate manual efforts, making repetitive work a thing of the past.
  • Consolidate your project files in one easy-to-access place for seamless reference and secure storage.
  • Eliminate the risk of data leakage by creating highly restricted, secure spaces for confidential projects and team collaboration.

No credit card required

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Unlock more value with powerful add‑on features

<h5>Wrike Integrate<br></h5>
Wrike Integrate

Unite your entire PMO operations with seamless transitions between favorite apps and tools. Create custom integrations and automations with 400+ cloud and on-premises applications.

<h5>Wrike Lock<br></h5>
Wrike Lock

Own and manage keys to your encrypted data to get data access control and audit capabilities.

<h5>Wrike Two-Way Sync<br></h5>
Wrike Two-Way Sync

Make sure strategy leads to execution by keeping cross-functional work flowing. Enable teams using built-in data synchronization with tools such as Jira, Salesforce, GitHub, GitLab, and GetBucket.

Customer success stories

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“Wrike provides a flexible system infrastructure that is easily configured to meet our business needs.”

Damian Robles, Operations Standards Manager, Siemens Smart Infrastructure

improved productivity


users in 20+ countries

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“We put everything that has to do with the event in Wrike. The logistics, hotel, entertainment — everything that anybody touches on this event is in Wrike. At the end of the event, we can pull a report to see how it performed.”

Patricia Davis, Manager of PMO, F5

increase in on-time deliveries


increase in event attendance

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“Wrike allows us to plan a project with enough detail that we really reduce the risk or likelihood of the delay, or the project not going correctly.”

Phillip Hoffman, Senior Program Manager (PgM), Gwynnie Bee

reduction in order processing time


increase in completed strategic projects

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“Wrike has become the lifeblood of our day-to-day operations – helping us achieve our important mission of bringing new therapies to patients more efficiently than ever.”

Sherrie Besecker, Creative Technology Manager, Syneos Health

projects managed successfully in Wrike


tasks issued in Wrike every day


Wrike has a variety of different options available to suit your team, including three types of user licenses – regular users, external users, and collaborators. For regular and external users, there is a charge per user. You’ll get 20 collaborator invites or 15% of your license count (whichever is greater) with no additional charge included with your subscription. If this is not enough, please speak with your Wrike representative to discuss other options.

Within these, there are full and guest licenses. A full license (regular users and external users) gives you access to every feature within your plan but external users are limited to certain access rights. However, a guest license (collaborators) only gives you some basic functions.

Your account will be blocked until you choose what you’d like to do with it. From here, you can either downgrade it to the free version or reach out to your Wrike representative. They will be able to discuss the next steps for choosing a plan and whether a trial extension is possible.

If you are a first-time user, enter your business email at the top of the page to get your 14-day free trial. You can give us a call to get set up or wait for one of our representatives to get in touch to find the right solution for your team.

If you’ve completed a trial, you can purchase the Business plan for up to 15 users with no add-ons in the Account section of your workspace. For a larger number of users, you’ll need to contact your Wrike representative.

Wrike is sold in groups of users. For accounts of up to 30 seats, subscriptions are sold in groups of five. For accounts of 30 to 100 seats, subscriptions are sold in groups of 10. For accounts above 100 seats, subscriptions are sold in groups of 25. Wrike Business and above are only available as an annual subscription.

Your data will be automatically stored in our two data centers in San Jose, California. You may also request your data to be stored in our European data center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. To request this, just contact your Wrike representative or our support team.

  • SOC2 Type II, which shows our commitment to taking a robust and secure approach to products, processes, and security surrounding our customer data.
  • ISO 27001:2013, which confirms that Wrike has an end-to-end security framework and a risk-based approach to managing information security.
  • ISO 27018:2019, which shows Wrike has controls in place to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in accordance with the privacy principles in ISO/IEC 29100 for the public cloud computing environment.
  • CSA STAR, which demonstrates that Wrike has addressed issues critical to cloud security as outlined in the CSA Cloud Controls Matrix, and has been assessed against the STAR Capability Maturity Model for activities in cloud security control areas.
In addition to the above certifications, we are EU & US and Swiss & US Privacy Shield-certified, GDPR-compliant, and CCPA-compliant. We also have an EU Data Center that can be selected to use for our services.