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How To Become a Certified Kanban Expert

Though originally developed for automotive production and manufacturing sectors, Kanban has emerged as a holistic work management approach across industries.

Widely used in Agile project management and software development, Kanban’s visual framework transforms teams with simple and effective planning systems.

If you are planning to implement Kanban, onboarding a certified Kanban expert can be a great idea. 

Certified Kanban practitioners are trained professionals proficient in implementing Kanban’s core philosophy in an organization and its departments.

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Why get a Kanban certification?

For a professional, getting a Kanban certification validates their skills, knowledge, and experience in applying the Kanban framework.

Getting Kanban certified also helps professionals chart various career paths for themselves, such as:

  • Helping their own company scale Kanban across verticals, locations, or project teams
  • Acting as a coach for mentoring other Kanban professionals in a mid-size or large enterprise
  • Be an independent consultant who advises multiple companies on Kanban and its implementation in their organizations

What are the benefits of getting a Kanban certification?

Why should I get a Kanban certification? Can getting Kanban certified help me advance in my career? If you have questions like these, you’re not alone.

Even though Kanban is a highly popular Agile methodology, professionals may shy away from getting a certification. 

However, here are some of the benefits of a Kanban certification. 

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the Kanban methodology and how to apply it in practice
  • Enhance your understanding of the Kanban system and its basics, including its practical applications in multiple work situations, projects, and teams
  • Specialize in Kanban framework and its implementation while building skills to advance in your career as a program manager or a Kanban manager
  • Get advanced Kanban training to help scale Kanban in your organization and train other employees on the Kanban systems

With a solid understanding and industry-leading certification, a Kanban Certified Professional can be a great asset to their company, allowing them to deliver high-quality work and scale faster.