Marketing team uses Wrike to manage ever‑changing project schedules

Kat Holt

Head of Marketing

The Huntercombe Group — one of the leading independent providers of health and social care in the UK. Runs 30 hospitals and care centers throughout England and Scotland.

Their story

Schedule changes were difficult to track and interfered with accountability on other projects

There are two critical success factors for modern healthcare companies. First, they always need to demonstrate a "value-for-money" approach to their clients. Second, they must provide service of the highest quality. For Kat Holt's marketing team, this means that no single day is the same as the next, and even a fine-tuned project schedule can fall apart as new tasks and challenges rapidly appear. That's why they often find themselves forced to juggle conflicting priorities and changing schedules. The team needed to make their work processes more flexible without losing accountability.

Wrike helps the team remain calm under pressure. Via prioritizing and organization, we can effectively deliver better results.

Kat Holt

Head of Marketing

Their victory

Wrike's flexibility allows schedules to be altered while maintaining control and visibility on other projects

With Wrike's help, Kat Holt, Head of Marketing at The Huntercombe Group, is now able to see the "big picture" of project progress and quickly make adjustments. Schedule changes are quickly communicated to the appropriate team members so everyone can shift gears and stay on the same page. Holt begins projects with a clear set of objectives and makes sure her team understands how success will be measured. Team members are always focused on high-priority goals, tasks, and milestones, and can update them regularly in Wrike.

Their superpowers

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Real-Time Notifications

Wrike saves The Huntercombe Group time and effort by automatically notifying them about upcoming deadlines. "It's great that Wrike can manage the emails relating to project tasks for you! All the emails are streamlined into one user interface that saves you time going from one email to the next and copying assignments," says Holt.

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Consolidated Information

All urgent tasks, upcoming deadlines, and important documents are at hand, without the need to click through multiple folders and apps. "My team's productivity has increased, as we spend less time trawling through files and spreadsheets to pull documents together. All the files and docs we need are conveniently stored in Wrike," says Holt.

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Workload Management

Holt regularly monitors and updates her team's workload so tasks are evenly distributed. That way, she is able to optimize her team's productivity and increase efficiency. "For me as a line manager, keeping track of hours worked on a task is essential for efficient project management. Wrike enables me to easily monitor the team's workload and efficiently allocate resources," says Holt.

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