Wrike saves R&D team 30 work
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Ted Somerville,

R&D Program Manager

David Easton,

Senior Software Developer

Nanometrics — an award winning company providing monitoring solutions and equipment for studying man-made and natural seismicity. Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, with offices and representatives world-wide

Their story

R&D projects were becoming too complex to manage using routine processes

For over 30 years, Nanometrics has provided mission-critical seismic networks that are relied upon to provide life-saving data to key personnel. They specialize in building seismological instrumentation that comprise monitoring stations and networks for measuring seismic events. The equipment has to meet rigorous technical specifications and is often deployed in remote areas, making it an absolute necessity to have impeccable communication and precision on each and every project.

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All the data is consolidated in one place so everybody can understand what the current state of R&D is at any give time.

Ted Somerville,

R&D Program Manager, Nanometrics

Due to changes in market demand, Nanometrics was committed to developing a wider range of projects in a short amount of time. In response, their R&D team had to grow as the projects became more complex. Development priorities became more ambiguous, and the expanding team struggled with scheduling tasks.

Ted Somerville, R&D Program Manager, and David Easton, Senior Software Developer, knew they had outgrown their in-house tools, and were looking for a new solution to make their projects more manageable.

The Workload view has been kind of a go-to for me. It’s nice, it’s intuitive, and I’m able to sit down with the product managers and sales personnel and they can quickly see what projects are taking up a lot of the workload and suggest ideas for how to move things around

Ted Somerville,

R&D Program Manager

Their victory

Nanometrics was able to reduce time spent in meetings by 30 hours each week and focus more time on decision making

The team looked at a variety of different tools, but kept coming across the same roadblock: “Other tools just looked like there was a huge amount of information that you had to put into the system in order for it to tell you anything meaningful,” says Somerville. “Wrike found a really nice balance between being able to be intuitive with how I used it, relaying a level of information that I was able to understand, and telling me something important.”

Today, R&D meetings at Nanometrics are shorter and more productive. Since everyone can see task updates in Wrike, their meetings are focused on decision-making and problem-solving rather than just communicating project status updates.

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They also have fewer deliverables falling through the cracks. The R&D team is able to share the right information with the right people in order to get the job done. When something goes wrong, they can check Wrike and see where mistakes were made. “Wrike allows us to go back and reflect on where we went wrong, and it gives us a better sense of how to do better next time,” says Easton.

Their superpowers

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Resource Allocation

This Enterprise feature was a must-have for the Nanometrics R&D team, and also for any team that needs to manage the use of their resources and team members. Somerville was able to track effort on tasks and see how their resources were currently allocated across different subgroups of R&D. Whether it was software engineering or hardware engineering, he could see who was overloaded and transfer tasks accordingly.

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Folder Sharing

Permission controls in Folder Sharing allow the team leader to share folders with team members while maintaining control over changing dates. This way, individual projects can change based on circumstance, but they won’t necessarily change the team leader’s plan unless he changes it himself. This allows Somerville to have total control and awareness of when project plans shift.

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Flexible Project Views

Both Easton and Somerville benefit from the diverse project views that Wrike offers. The My Work page helps the team decide which tasks are a personal priority today and which tasks can wait until tomorrow, giving team members a productive starting point each day. The Gantt chart gives team leaders a timeline layout of the schedules for all the projects they’re interested in. Lastly, the Workload view shows how tasks are distributed across different teams and employees.

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