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  • Internet recruitment.

  • Easy Web Recruitment is the U.K.'s leading flat-fee Internet recruitment service.


Find a system that would help the team to organize tasks while putting minimum training pressure on the staff.


Wrike's Intelligent Email Engine makes it incredibly easy to start using the system without wasting time on additional training.


A team of 15 is better organized from Day 1 of using the project management software.

Adrian McDonagh

Interview with Adrian McDonagh , managing director, EasyWebRecruitment.com

Adrian, please introduce us to your company and tell our readers why you needed project management software in the first place.

My company, EasyWebRecruitment.com , offers a low-cost, flat-fee alternative to traditional recruitment agencies. When we started our business, we looked at bringing together a range of Internet services and software - and backing that up with an experienced and well-trained team. As a result, we are now the U.K.'s leading Internet recruitment service, with over 400 clients, including some of the U.K.'s largest employers, like Tesco. Our company is growing fast, and to keep up with this pace, our team needs to stay very productive. Part of my responsibilities at EasyWebRecruitment.com is to make our team as efficient as possible with regards to systems and processes. As our company grew, we set about looking for project management software to help schedule and record tasks for our organization.

How did you find Wrike?

I researched lots of project management products online, including the obvious ones like Basecamp. We have also tried working on shared spreadsheets in Google Docs, but this option turned out to be too simplistic to fulfill our needs. Our major challenge with all the project management systems was adoption. The team was already working very hard, and we did not want to add something to their day that would take a lot of time and training to get to grips with, or add to their administrative burden. It was completely different with Wrike. I was pleased to see that, once I showed the team how simple Wrike was, even the more skeptical members of the team were quickly convinced.

How did Wrike change your collaboration and project management?

We now track all sorts of projects in Wrike from our recruitment assignments to marketing campaigns. The biggest benefit Wrike gave us was the ability to dig important tasks out of our mailboxes and turn them into action items that are shared with the whole team. Everyone is updated on the changes in the plans and can see the progress of other team members. Our team of 15 is placed in one building, but people are distributed between two floors. This is one of the main reasons we know we need a system like Wrike, so everyone can instantly see the progress with every task that is scheduled. This real-time insight into each person's work is vital for delivering a highly efficient Internet recruitment service for our clients.

What do you like most of all in Wrike?

The absolute killer, must-have feature of Wrike is the integration with email, so that you can schedule tasks simply by CCing wrike at wrike.com. Thanks to this feature, when we rolled out Wrike, there was no additional administrative burden on the team, as they were already heavily reliant on sending emails to each other anyway.

What is the major improvement Wrike brought to your business?

I would say that Wrike is the only piece of software we have ever implemented in house with complete approval and support of 100% of staff from Day 1.

Would you recommend Wrike to your friends and colleagues?

Absolutely! I already do. Wrike is brilliantly simple to use, yet incredibly powerful. It's the only project management software I would recommend.

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