Restaurant franchise reduces
inbox traffic by 90% with Wrike

Lorne Cassoff,

President of Ben&Florentine

Ben&Florentine — a restaurant franchise located in Quebec, Canada, currently runs 35 franchisees.

Their story

Email and spreadsheets were becoming inefficient and tasks were falling through the cracks

Ben & Florentine’s brick and mortar restaurant is known for its excellent customer service and delicious breakfasts and lunches. As a parent company/franchisor seeking to expand its base of franchisees, it is primarily a B2B affair, although the company does support its franchises on the B2C side as well — in everything from hiring the right managers to overseeing the paint job of a branch. Lorne Cassoff, President of Ben & Florentine, was looking for a solution that provided full visibility into how each of his restaurants were performing.

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There’s no way we’re leaving Wrike. It’s embedded in the veins of the company now.

Lorne Cassoff,

Ben & Florentine

Before Wrike, he mainly used Microsoft Outlook to assign tasks and request updates. As his restaurant chain began expanding, flagging email threads and creating inbox folders wasn’t getting the job done. He struggled to find the right emails, connect with the people who were responsible for tasks, and organize projects in the Outlook environment. He looked at various CRM tools but couldn’t find a solution that allowed him to seamlessly organize his projects in one place.

Using Wrike is like strengthening a muscle. You’re working just as hard, but you’re lifting more weight.

Lorne Cassoff,

President of Ben & Florentine

Their victory

Reduced inbox traffic by 90% by replacing email communication with Wrike

Cassoff now keeps all his restaurants as separate projects and has full visibility into the tasks listed under each. “Wrike allows me to compile all the data under one header where everybody can collaborate and see it,” says Cassoff. Whenever Cassoff or one of his employees needs to see the latest project updates, they just look in Wrike. Ben & Florentine has reduced their inbox traffic by approximately 90% by replacing their email communication with Wrike. No more scouring through emails trying to find the latest info on a particular franchisee.

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Their superpowers

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Folder Tagging

Wrike’s folder tags allow Ben & Florentine to create one central location to store information while also providing the capability to organize each task in one or several folders. They can organize their tasks however they like without interfering with other teams’ processes. Employees at Ben & Florentine have adapted their workspaces to suit their personal work styles while also collaborating easily with their teammates.

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Folder Sharing

The folder sharing feature allows folders to be shared across different teams within the organization, making collaboration between departments easier. Teams can share notes, view attachments, give feedback, and communicate without resorting to email. The team at Ben & Florentine shares folders so they can open Wrike during meetings and everyone has access to the same information.

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Consolidated Information

Cassoff’s favorite Wrike feature is the ability to host all the information about his franchisees in one place. Wrike has eliminated the need to search through emails for data because it’s all organized in one central location. “If I’m talking about a certain project, or more specifically a certain franchisee, I can go into that project and see everything that’s happening with that franchisee and all the information is accessible to all my employees,” says Cassoff. “There’s nothing falling through the cracks anymore.”

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