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by Victoria Leonenko |  Head of marketing department  |  Amasty
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"We've been using Wrike for about 2 years and it has never let us down. Keeping tasks organized and saving them for the future helps us a lot as we perform similar activities day by day. The folder structure gives enough flexibility to categorize tasks any way we want.

The Activity Stream option is the bomb - it saves me tons of time controlling task execution . It takes about 10-15 minutes to scroll down and see all the work performed, when it took more than an hour before! Our team also uses the time tracking feature to look at our productivity, which has increased by 17% in 2014. Thank you Wrike team!"

by Rodney Ferro |  Digital Consultant  |  PN Digital
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"WRIKE is amazing. It changes the way business is done!"

by Henrietta Kovacs |  Fundraiser  |  Down Association
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"Wrike has changed our way of work completely. Since we have been working with it we do not forget data, we are always well-informed, the past never disappears, we have evidence for everything and we may plan our future with less work."

by Philip Shaw |  CEO & Managing Director  |  Clever Clicks
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"As the CEO of a search marketing company where most of my staff work remotely, it's absolutely critical that we have a streamlined workflow and that tasks don't slip through the cracks. Having tried Asana, Basecamp, and Teamwork, Wrike may not be as pretty and colourful, but its power is phenomenal. The interface is quick, fluid and the folder structure makes duplication a cinch. Dragging milestones and task start/completion dates in the Gantt chart is so easy and saves so much time. We absolutely love it!"

by Andrew Hartman |  Director of Strategic Projects  |  Sevenly
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"That's the magic. The project manager has tons of work to divvy up, but individual team members don't have to be stressed. Wrike takes complex projects and makes them simple for the people on your team. If I were any company with more than 10-15 people, Wrike is the biggest no-brainer."

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"About two weeks ago we switched to Wrike for our project management (our previous solution is closing down).

In that time, 655 task, 471 completed, 184 active and hundreds more to come. Not bad for 4 people :) all part of what it takes."

by Dana Koch |  Principal  |  Koch Ink
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"Wrike has changed everything. Thoughtful integration with email on different platforms, flexible to accommodate quirky way we set up project. This tool is amazing! My team was up to speed within a couple days."

by Rose Brown |  Project Coordinator  |  Opportunity To Do
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"We started just a few weeks ago using the free service you provide to collaborate on a project for our not for profit childrens charity. Our office is based in Melbourne, Australia but one of our volunteers working with us lives in Canberra, Australia (in another state) and the other in Wodonga, Australia (about a four hour drive away).

In just a few short weeks we have been able to converse and discuss the project, develop tasks from the ideas and formalise documents relating to each area. This all using your FREE service! We really appreciate being able to use your service and tools (including the iPhone app!)."

by Gavin Drake |  VP of Marketing  |  Quark Software Inc.
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"The linked relationship that’s now possible between Wrike and Box has made each tool more powerful. I can now attach a document from Box directly within Wrike thus avoiding file duplication, making for a more efficient workflow and encouraging greater adoption of both platforms within the marketing team.

We had nothing more to do than login to Box within Wrike and everything just worked. Simple. That's the kind of integration we like in marketing."

by Arnold Santillan |  Graphic designer  |  Transamerican Auto Parts
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"To be honest, the first time I used Wrike I was reluctant. But after getting used to it, I love it even more! It's actually addicting using it. Especially working on little projects and big ones.

I love the fact that you can actually put how many hours you worked on a project(s) and it eliminates the guess work and the questions that management always ask "What are you working on?" Plus when given a project I knock it out for less than half hour while other designer takes hours to do. I love it! Everyone sees it and I can see what other clock watcher are doing (we have some of those)."

by Becky Steed, PMP - CSM |  Infrastructure Project Manager  |  PlumChoice®, Inc.
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"By switching to Wrike our department was able to be more collaborative and it allowed the team to be more involved. It also bridged the gaps with outside resources with the ability to assign them tasks and share project folders.

The functionality and ease of use over other project management tools makes managing projects a lot more efficient and fun. It allows me as a project manager more time to focus on the project and less time asking for updates. Providing the team the ability to update tasks and to complete tasks is a huge advantage. "

by Daniel Wiedenheft |  Technical Staff  |  InScribe
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"InScribe provides custom-printing solutions for small retailers. I am on the IT team, and responsible for writing all the software that keeps the company running smoothly. We use Wrike company-wide as our project management software to keep track of tasks, meeting notes, deadlines, etc.

We are accustomed to having our weekly meeting agendae in a certain format, and I was charged with the task of finding an automated way of putting all the information in Wrike into the formats we like to use.

Wrike's API is quite straight forward and complies with all the oAuth standards (which I learned far too much about during oAuth's turbulent adolescence). I am told a new version is in the works, and I look forward to trying it out when it's available!"

by Brian Weiske |  Senior Director of Marketing  |  Evisions
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"What I find most beneficial about Wrike is the in-depth Help area. The tutorials, videos & downloads are extremely helpful, as the ability to quickly grasp a new project management tool can be difficult.

The background work that went in to creating such a seamless tutorial area could not have been easy. The gallery of knowledge there almost makes it appear that Wrike is simply a training and education application because it's done so well.

In a very short time I was able to create filtered dashboard modules, download and access my Workspace via my iPhone, link my tasks to a Google calendar, invite and share folders with my team, and more.

Absolutely thrilled with Wrike so far and I don't see any reason why that would change. Thanks so much for dialing in productivity!"

by Edward Pluchar |  Facilities Manager  |  Giant Steps
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"The timeline feature is outrageously useful. I've worked through a lot of projects, you know, in my head, and my most recent project required extra "memory."

I actually started printing and cutting out the tasks on paper and laying them out in the order they belonged...worried about the slightest breeze coming through my door...and finally said, "There's got to be a program for this." Thank you for being that program."

by Will Kelly  |  TechRepublic
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"With its convergence of collaboration and project management backed by an excellent Microsoft Project file import, Wrike epitomizes the flexibility that many of today’s project teams need in a SaaS-based project management solution.

Read more"

by Kevin Wang  |  Purdue Solar Racing
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"Wrike was a substantial help during the build of the car, and we couldn't have done it without you guys. With so many aspects on the car, Wrike helped us keep every member accountable.

We are proud to announce we placed first in the Urban Concept EV-Plugin division!"

by Mary-Mae Dow |  National Pet Nutrition Advocate Coordinator  |  Royal Canin Canada
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"I love the tutorial videos, I am a visual learner so this is an amazing tool for me. Can watch them a couple of times until the steps are logged in my brain.

Then once I start working with the program I can clearly see how much more functional and efficient myself and my team will be. Managing the schedules of over 120 people each month can get crazy. Thank you, thank you, thank you for designing such an amazing project management software."

by Adam Halpern President  |  Indicator Warehouse
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"Indicator Warehouse is a 100% virtual company. By that I don't mean a one person show and a bunch of outsourced contractors. We have key executives and team members spread out all over the US and the world.

Communication via email and solid processes are the life blood of the company. Wrike's incredibly intuitive interface and seamless email integration give us a true competitive advantage in our very aggressive marketplace.

Follow Indicator Warehouse on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube."

by David Herman |  Managing Director  |  Web Marketing for Dentists
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"Awesome awesome product. Has transformed our company. Every single person now loves Wrike - though some had to be hit with a big stick to start experiencing the joy!

I get to manage appropriately and see into projects like I never could before without calling a meeting. My employees get to feel like they have a voice - no more "just do it' type tasks - I actually value their input and pushback, so Wrike allows this part of the process to happen organically."

by Michael O'Keefe |  Chief Engineer  |  Big Ladder Software LLC
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"Loving Wrike -- it's very productive and has really made it much easier for our team to interact (we're all distributed so tools like this are critical)."

by John Gabaldon |  Owner  |  Cook Storage
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"Thanks for the excellent product!
We're still successfully using Wrike across 3 time zones and 2000 miles to manage a facility."

by John Rizzo PE |  President  |  ADI Energy
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"Wrike has been very good for our company. We use it to keep everyone on task. Most importantly, it is a way for the staff to keep me, as the owner, accountable for tasks, as well. This way, they know that they can track things that they "asked" me to do, and I don't have an excuse like "I did not see that e-mail." It puts managing your boss in the hands of the employees, if they choose to do so. It also allows me, as the boss, to say, "Did you Wrike me?" If not, I don't have to be accountable for tracking this task."

by Johnny Huntington |  Managing Director & Owner  |  Traffic Group, Ltd
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"We have used Wrike for the last 2+ years now within the organization.
Team collaboration and service centralization in all its forms has fundamentally accelerated company growth and service management capabilities beyond our expectations. Wrike is a wonderful tool for empowering business owners and our clients certainly feel the benefits of this."

by Alex Appelqvist |  Student
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"I just wanted to get back now after using the trial and say that this is finally the tool that I have been looking a long time for! I tried every tool you could think about. New to old, Basecamp, Do, Taskup, Podio, Comindware, Tracky, Asana, Microsoft Project, etc. .... and quite a few more.

Of course, every person is different. But I would say that most could suit Wrike to their own needs. And one thing that it really seems to do is focus on action by being as simple as you want, but also as advanced as you need. I know Wrike is targeted as a project management system for businesses, but I could really see so many other uses. Bring forth those, too! Especially since it can be adapted to both personal and work use.

I just hope that this tool will be in it for the long run! Hopefully for many years to come, especially since it keeps getting even better. And lastly, I really want to thank everyone on the support team for the support I got through every question I had. :)"

by Rhiannon McHugh |  Owner, Project & Team Manager  |  Do Something Different LLC
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"Thanks for taking my small business to the next level by allowing me to manage my small team at a glance, and within my budget. Wrike has seriously changed my business and I am so thankful to have found you!"

by Robert Fuller |  Project manager  |  HOWGAN SCC
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"We are an electrical integration company that integrates technology into grain facilities throughout Iowa and moving towards the Midwest. We integrate technology into commercial grain facilities to Secure, Conserve & Control. We secure their assets and profits by Conserving energy and resources to Control their outcomes.

My productivity tips
Keep up with the tasks. Don’t let your overdue items get ahead of you. Just recently a speaker gave us a great idea. Pick your top 6 things you need to do tomorrow. Go through the list starting with the first task and compare it to all other tasks and see if it stays number 1 or it really should be in a different order. Do this for your whole list to make sure you have the right task at number 1 and the right task at number 6. You feel like you have something done when you get through your top 6.

Thanks for WRIKE, I look forward to continuing to expand my knowledge of the software and continue to use it to drive our business."

by Przemyslaw Radomski |  CFA  |  Gold, silver trading and investment
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"My team is a group of specialists from all around the world that collaborates in order to provide professional support for the gold & silver investors. This process is complex as in includes creating detailed reports between two trading days. Thanks to Wrike we were able to use time-zone differentials and we cut down time necessary to create a 30-page long report to under 20 hours.

The best part about doing business with and using Wrike is the team behind the system. Not only are they very fast to respond to all questions, but also they really listen to suggestions. And by "really listen" I mean that they are quick to upgrade the system according to clients' desires. If you think that something can be done better, just let the Wrike team know and you can rest assured that you will soon enjoy the system that works best for you.

What I love about Wrike's changes is that they are always another step forward in terms of usability and increased efficiency. My company's efficiency increases regularly simply because we're using Wrike!

Since we began using Wrike, the size of our team increased a few times and we are still very happy with this flexible software."

by Dave Frederick |  Sr. Director, Corporate Marketing  |  Tintrí, Inc.
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"For decades, I’ve struggled with task management. As a corporate marketing professional, I can have dozens of projects in the air at the same time. Going all the way back to the Day Runner days of the 80’s and right through a score of different task, project, and note pad tools, I’ve never found a system that helps me keep projects prioritized and moving forward until Wrike.

I was surprised and delighted the other day when my design agency uploaded final artwork for production and my printing agency—who was also watching the task—chimed in with a request for quantity. I was no longer the bottleneck. Now I take on new projects without fear of getting overloaded; I always know what’s coming up."

by Dan Binstock |  Co-owner  |  Garrison & Sisson, Inc.
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"I wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know how much I love this product. I have been looking for years for something like this and, until now, have always felt something major was missing.

This software operates how I think - it's as if you went into my brain and knew exactly what I needed, and created the perfect program for today's information age. I will be an evangelist for this product and thank you for all the work you must have put forth in putting this together."

by Mohamed Hijazi |  I.T. Consultant  |  ITFlakes
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"I am an IT Consultant, and as my business grew rapidly, it gradually became quite a challenge to track all the milestones and deadlines. On top of that, since our customers are mainly doctors and dentists, we can't let a single problem slide without being addressed. I did a lot of searching for a good way to keep track of all the tasks and milestones.
Eventually, I found Wrike and spent a couple of hours planning my team's and my own tasks for the following week. I was just impressed, especially by the fact that I could add notes, instructions and files to the task. Now when my employees call me for guidance, I say, “Check the task in Wrike. It has everything you need."

by Mike Collins |  Director  |  Subzerostudio
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"We are a small but rapidly growing web design and development company based in Brighton, UK. Previously we were using basecamp to manage our projects, but found it difficult to use and restrictive. Wrike's fantastic gantt chart feature lets me see what everyone is working on at any one time, and allows me to quickly allocate resources when new jobs come in."

by Carl Morrissey |  Marketing Executive  |  Spear Product Design
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"Spear Product Design is a product design and packaging development company based in Dublin, Ireland. We are a small company but a quite successful one.

We have been using Wrike for over 3 months now and it has really enabled us to be more productive and organised. At any one time we can have up to 15 different tasks in-house so time management for our small team is imperative. At our daily production meetings each task is assigned to a member of staff, given priority and a deadline date is set. Even though we are only using Wrike 3 months we have seen a drastic rise in productivity, Spear Product Design highly recommends using Wrike in your business."

by Jason Deno |  Project Manager  |  Valence Health
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"We’ve noticed that as we’ve put things in Wrike, we can very quickly get a visual of a person’s responsibilities. This has had two effects.
1- It allows us to take the timeline wishes of senior management and apply them directly to individuals on a day by day basis.
2- But as this level of transparency has increased, we’ve opted to identify other projects that individuals may have had on their plates, put these in Wrike and better understand total utilization.

Having used MS Project for six months of software development prior to this, I can tell you that the level of collaboration we enjoy has greatly increased. As we entertain multiple simultaneous projects, we can now quickly and easily understand our individual responsibilities in real time and roll them up the view that senior management can easily view."

by Andy McGillivray |  Project Manager  |  Driscoll Brothers Group Ltd
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"Since we began using Wrike a few weeks ago it has increased our productivity immensely and as we are only a small team, this is invaluable. We can share our information much better and handle more work. We were using an Excel spreadsheet and can’t believe how we ever managed!"

by Florian Woess |  Marketing Manager  |  Loxone Electronics GmbH
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"Loxone Electronics is a very fast growing company with more than 38 employees at the moment, fully concentrating at delivering the best home automation system on the market.
We’d like to share our 3 top productivity tips that help you make the most of Wrike:

1. Use Wrike’s Email Integration! It's a great feature. Even our website uses it :) Every contact form on our website leads to a new Wrike entry, making support and leads more visible and transparent to everyone.

2. Make a folder to write down ideas. Many great ideas get lost in the daily business. Writing them down helps you to recognize them. Bad ideas will be deleted anyway after some time. Good ideas will stay there and turn into future projects.

3. Set yourself realistic tasks and prioritize. There's nothing more demotivating than having loads of overdue tasks. Keep your tasklists realistic. Tasks that get prolonged from day to day may not be that important."

by Jason Brethorst |  President/CEO  |  MORE than rewards
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"Wrike is perfect for small and mid-size teams, such as graphic design companies, ad agencies, software development shops or any small to bid company wanting to organize their team tasks better. I have tried over 20 systems and nothing is like your product and hits my needs on the head like your system does.

I have been searching for 2 years for something like this… I even had our developers make something which is kind of like this but only does about 10% of what your product can do. I have tried literally dozens of project management projects… Your system is crazy FAST, which is one of the biggest things I love! It's super easy to use and very flexible moving tasks around. I also love the fact you don't try to force me to do projects a certain way. I can make lists, priorities or set dates, it's totally up to me and the project I'm doing!"

by Timothy Seward |  CEO  |  ROI Revolution
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"I would *not* use email integration that forced me to remember special emails like! I *love* the fact that I can take an email which comes into my inbox and either reply of forward it to and Wrike automatically figures out who I am and files it in the folder I specify in my unique instance of Wrike. It is truly a perfect feature."

by Todd Blayone |  Engagement Specialist  |  Nelson
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"It's your robust, responsive and friendly support that gives us the confidence to recommend Wrike to other departments."

by Maciej Janiec |  CEO  |  inlevel
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"Keeping a distributed team on the same page is a big challenge, but I am successfully handling it with Wrike. Managing a distributed team in a multi-project environment is much smoother when you can easily get an overview of what’s going on at any moment, who is responsible for one or another task, and what’s next in the pipeline. When you have this information in one central hub, you can accurately manage priorities and clearly set focus."

by Clint Boulton |  Senior Writer  |  eWeek
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" makes a well-regarded project management SAAS suite. updates the project schedules automatically, and all the changes can be seen on an interactive Gantt chart. When tasks are propagated in Wrike's project management system, users can keep track of all the changes made to this task. Wrike will also automatically notify project members about updates and due date reminders via e-mail."

by Leena Rao |  Writer  |  TechCrunch
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"Teams can share their projects with others and users can turn on a variety of features, including time-tracking, task-sharing, wiki-style task-editing, printable Gantt charts and reports, filtering, task and folder tagging and customizable folder structure."

by Simon Mackie Editor  |  GigaOM
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"The redesigned — and much more user-friendly — interface takes its cues from social networking tools like Facebook, aggregating relevant data from various projects into a single customizable dashboard-like workspace."

by Cody Barbierri |  social and digital media consultant  |  VentureBeat
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"Wrike integrates with the users’ email to keep the environment familiar and easily maneuverable."

by David Williams  |  OmmHub
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"Wrike is an award-winning project management software for many reasons. One of the top reasons is the capacity to manage multiple projects all in one workspace. Another reason is its Intelligent Email Engine, where you can seamlessly integrate your email communications among your members. Lastly, it will create tasks without requiring you to log in. This will save you hours of time that you will otherwise spend on administrative tasks like sending reminders."

by Antima "Taz" Sadhukhan |  Chief Operating Officer  |  KingleyHealth
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"Wrike is the only project management tool that has understood the importance of adding tasks via email. It seamlessly allows sharing of tasks in multiple hierarchies. Thank you for creating a product that understands the codependencies of project management and the real world."

by Jelle de Bruin |  Blogger  |  App Appeal
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"Wrike increases the efficiency of any business, making the task of managers a much more simple undertaking, and for this reason it can be considered as extremely useful, and not just a mere addition application. Since it increases productivity, all those that have a business of their own will find it as almost a necessity, especially nowadays when a significant part of any business is handled over the internet."

by Adrian McDonagh |  Managing Director  |
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"Quite simply the best project management software I have ever seen. We are heavy outlook users and the ability to set tasks by sending emails is a massive time saver for us. As soon as I demonstrated it to our team they were completely sold on its merits, so getting them to use it was easy."

by Nick Morse Marketing and communications manager  |  University of Washington
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"Our team is small and has to be nimble and always on top of our tasks. Before Wrike, we used many different ways of trying to manage tasks and projects, occasionally letting things fall through the cracks. When we moved to Wrike, we found that our projects were getting done more regularly and nothing was slipping through. In fact, the more we continue to use it, the more we accomplish. The tool has drastically increased productivity of our team - thank you Wrike!"

by Ciaran Rogers |  Marketing Manager  |  UKSA
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"Wrike is an absolutely killer app. Spent quite a while researching online project management solutions. This one made the short list of three from around ten that we looked at.

When we compared Wrike's functionality and user interface with the competition, it wiped the floor with them. Thanks for a really usable team task management system and project planning tool.

Two weeks in, it's already saving us time and having a big impact on our ability to see a clear path ahead in an otherwise topsy turvey landscape. Our advice: Try this app, it's a really great system."

by Read Clarke |  Technology and senior sales executive  |  Business Builder Alliance, Inc.
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"Wrike is the best and most intuitive project management software on the market. It is an outstanding product."

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"The application helps organizations not only manage cumbersome e-mail that would otherwise have to be manually collected to be useful, but also surfaces information buried in e-mail and organizes it into meaningful project plans."

by Daniel Stevens |  Director of Marketing Services  |  Capgemini North America
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"The biggest benefit with Wrike is the high level of visibility of the support requests that channel into our team."

by Richard Morochove  |  PC World
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"Wrike offers a great deal of flexibility. You can adapt it to many different business needs and even use it as a simple CRM tool to help resolve knotty customer issues."

by Angela Hey  |  Mountain View Voice
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"Wrike is a clever application that helps schedule projects based on e-mail content."

by Jim Rapoza |  Chief Technology Analyst  |
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"For many of us, something as simple as a way to track the progress of tasks and projects, as well as easily share information with others, is all that is needed to help make a successful project. Wrike is a Web-based application that makes it simple to trigger projects and tasks from the medium in which most projects and tasks originate, namely e-mail."

by Amanda C. Kooser  |  Entrepreneur
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" helps bridge the gap between e-mail collaboration and Web 2.0 online collaboration. "

by John M. Trefethen |  Senior Marketing Communications Specialist  |  Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.
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"In the world of effeciency, Wrike keeps it turbo charged."

by Donna McMaster |  Freelance web-developer

"So ... long story short... my three conclusions:
1. Reminder to self: clients want to know the scoop, even if it's not what they hope for.
2. Visual tool really helpful for big picture planning.
3. Wrike really works well for collaborative projects or projects where client deliverables drive part of the schedule.

I've also started using Wrike for smaller tasks and for tracking hours spent on projects that I'm billing by the hour. Seems good for that, too, but the big return for me is on the Gantt charts. :)"

by Dan Dascalescu |  CIO  |  Blueseed
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"Just wanted to say that after evaluating over 45 project and customer management systems, including very popular and powerful ones like Do, Manymoon, Solve360 and WORKetc, - Wrike has the most effective and appealing user interface, by far:

+ There are only two concepts to manipulate: projects and tasks (just like folders and files, a metaphor that has worked for us for 30+ years). Other systems introduce task lists, sub-projects, or projects and folders.

+ In Wrike, one task can belong to more than one project, mapping real-world overlap scenarios. A project dragged over a task “tags” that task as belonging to it. These metaphors are all you need to represent arbitrary complexity. Wrike shines with effective simplicity.

+ The three-pane view makes it very easy to visualize what’s going on, AND to manage tasks. Most other PM systems have a page-oriented view, which is slow because it requires loading an entire page, and which also isolates the item being edited from its context.

+ You can simply drag-and-drop tasks to reprioritize, or from one project or another.

+ Tasks don’t have to be associated with a contact, or assigned to anyone

+ Finally, the UI is very pleasant to look at and interact with. Wrike’s Gantt charts are also incredibly powerful and sleek - the best of all the 45 packages I've seen."

by Michelle Tresemer |  Owner  |  Tresemer Business Group

"I LOVE your new dashboard which allows me to see what my employees have due and are working on all in one place. It's absolutely amazing. "

by Craig Gunderson |  Director of Multimedia Development  |  Embanet-Compass

"I find the drop-dead simplicity of the email system to work great with my workflow. My inbox is a swarm of requests, so the ability to rebound that request and have it magically become a task is pretty awesome. If you are ever on another computer, or mobile, or even in the web-based version of your company’s email client, you definitely want the address that’s easy to remember."

by Nikita Bernstein |  CTO/Co-Founder  |  JoVE
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"Wrike has done wonders for my department and for my personal ability to organize projects."

by Todd Blayone |  Engagement Specialist  |  Nelson
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"When I moved to Nelson, I recommended Wrike, as a better alternative to Basecamp, based on a prior positive experience. As the one recommending your product within Nelson, my name became attached to it, and you haven't let me down. Thanks! :-)"

by Tanin Na Nakorn Chief Technology Officer  |  Whowish

"I have tried several project management tools and I have found out that Wrike is the best one. Wrike has everything! You can have as many projects as you want because Wrike charges according to the number of users."

by Michael Singleton |  Managing Director  |  Frontier Agri-Solutions and Training

"I love Wrike! This tool is great for coordinating, documenting and of course project management. I like the new interface!
Thank you!"

by Scott Christian-Lim  |  Hogarth Worldwide

"I am really enjoying using Wrike, great product! Hope that you will continue making it better as it is miles ahead of apps like Basecamp!"

by Jason Nedler  |  ClickFarm Interactive

"Wrike is great. Everything is smooth, editable, and user friendly. Thanks!"

by Sarah Burns |  blogger  |  The Mogul Mom

"Wrike helps you stay on top of your to-dos, you guessed it, virtually! It can integrate with your email, making creating tasks a breeze. It’s in the cloud, so no matter where you are you can get to your tasks and get ‘em done. It’s a fantastic tool to help virtual teams stay on track."

by Simon Mackie |  Editor  |  GigaOM
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"Looking for a way to keep your team up-to-date with project data when they’re out of the office? Wrike, a well-designed project management tool, now has companion mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry. I’ve been testing the iPhone app and it works well. Rather than trying to cram an overwhelming amount of project information onto the device’s small display, the app’s home screen concentrates on providing the key information that you might need when you’re away from your desk."

by John Burry |  independent mobile consultant

"I love Wrike’s iPhone app! It has a clean and logical user interface. I really like the favorites folder feature, since I have hundreds of folders."

by Cornelius Fichtner |  PMP, Show Host  |  Project Management Podcast

"Wrike is perfect for multi-project environment. Nicely unites project management features and collaboration tools. The tool is really very good and excellent tool for managing multiple projects. It has Gantt charts, so that we could overview our multiple projects. The tool is very easy to use, even for those of my team who are not highly skilled computer users."

by Maciej Janiec  |  inLevel

"What is so appealing to me about Wrike? I think two things: ease of use and flexibility. I like to keep both my inbox and mind clean and Wrike allows me to store and organize many of my tasks."

by Zach Katkin |  blogger  |  ProMana

"Wrike is a strong collaboration tool that is easy to use. Small companies that are building a project management capacity will find Wrike a useful and cost-effective project management and collaboration tool."

by Neil Robinson Strategy Consultant  |  LANZen Limited

"I love this software – its taken a formula that people have come familiar with -social networking like Facebook – and applied it to a business scenario. Genius."

by Maciej Janiec  |  inLevel

"Wrike improves efficiency and reduces both time and costs connected with managing projects. Yes, it is called "practical project management", but it also touches your email, calendaring and collaboration activities."

by Guido Gielen  |  Do Company

"First off all, Wrike makes an excellent project management tool! It works really easy and gives you all the advantages off e-mail reminders and online planning. I now can significally enhance my team’s collective performance due to Wrike."

by Lorne Greene |  CEO  |  Viva Creative
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"I would recommend Wrike to anyone who is juggling multiple projects, tasks and clients, and wants to do that efficiently. Wrike has become an irreplaceable tool we rely on as we grow our business."

by Dan Tipton |  President and CEO  |  Tipton Communications
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"Wrike has been the most productive tool we have added to our arsenal since I started this business nearly five years ago. Wrike is simple to use, so people actually use it, which has saved us time, money and frustration. We love Wrike!"

by Simon Mackie |  Editor  |  GigaOM
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"Even though there’s a bunch of new social features, the app [Wrike] is still a very capable online project management tool with powerful reporting and charting functionality."

by Nitin |  Founder  |  Offshore Ally

"Wrike will give you the opportunity to manage more than 50 different projects if you have a larger company with offshore outsourced teams, and it helps to save project managers hours on a monthly basis through the organizational settings."

"Every few days, discounting spam and newsletters, I end up with 200-300 emails. If I do not keep up, I’m in trouble. Right now, I am thrilled to have 24 emails in my inbox, and my goal is to continually have zero, with all tasks in Wrike, neatly organized by date due, project and task recipient."

by Marissa Sayno  |  Ajeva

"If you’re clueless on what your team is working on and would like to integrate planning and email communication, this tool is perfect for you. You can now easily manage more than 50 projects in a single workspace, double your team’s productivity, and save up to 25 hours of work each month. You can try the service free for 30 days, or you may choose from their low cost, fixed monthly plans."

"Inexpensive but comprehensive project management software; considered by many to be the best one out there online."

by Charanjit Singh  |  Creately

"Wrike is a web-based project management tool, and the great thing about it is that it comes with a fantastic Gantt chart view that knocks the pants off any other web based PM tool. The Gantt chart view gives everyone a good idea of the inter dependencies across the projects we work on here at Creately. Unlike most other recent web-base PM tools that have a strong social collaboration angle, Wrike offers a solid PM tool in the same vein as MS Project, but its pricing is a tad on the high side."

by Anita Simmonds |  Project Management Consultant  |  Anita Simmonds Consulting

"Wrike is great because you can access it through your email account, so you can forward emails as tasks and it will put them into the correct project folder for you."

by Mark Smith |  Founder and Chairman  |  Hashrocket
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"I love the service. Wrike is easily the best collaborative service that offers task dependencies and one-to-many tasks-to-folders relationships."

by Jelle de Bruin |  Blogger  |  App Appeal

"Wrike is user friendly and well organized. The great number of features that it offers might sound at first as overwhelming, but the application is well structured, maintaining in this way its accessibility. The Dynamic Timeline and the Flexible Structures are two of the most powerful features on Wrike, that are implemented very well into the application, making them accessible and easy to use."

by Christine Webb |  Communication Manager  |  Barther Theatre

"Wrike makes prioritizing much easier. Workflow is expedited and there is no question when things are due. Also, it lets others know what you are working on, which I find helpful. Great system!"

by Shabnam Aggarwal |  Co-founder & Social Entrepreneur  |  MILLEE

"Wrike is the best pm software that we know about that can keep our data private and up to date. I have been doing project management work for the past 3 years and sifted through a number of different options and Wrike has been our best bet yet."

by Ryan Wood |  Chief Operating Officer  |  Absolute Leadership Development Inc.

"Wrike has become a real lifeline for me to be able to stay on track and focused despite being overwhelmed. It is playing a significant role in our organization, and because of the value it is adding, it feels like it is almost more than just a piece of good software."

by Vick Mironyuk  |  TileSeattle

"The product is awesome, and I would recommend it to everyone. This is what I was looking for all these years, and did not even know it."

by Terence Ong  |  Centre of New Life

"I'm working for a church, which as you may know works extensively with volunteers. Integrating workflow and communication outside "office workspace" is vital. This is where the software is ideal. Wrike is a great product. I can see a lot of use for it, especially in team work environments. Not only is the software solution ideal, the service support has been kind, fast and professional. Thanks for setting a high standard for all of us working in the services/solutions sector."

by John Gabaldon |  Managing Partner  |  Cook Storage

"I love this product. It is the most significant task-communication tool we have, especially because we are separated by 4000km, three time zones, and culture. "

"I'm a new user and this is the best "TO DO" list I've ever had to work with. I’ve been telling everyone who will listen how much this program has improved my work life!"

by Laura Roeder Social Media Online Marketing Publicity Coach  |

"I'm happy with Wrike, it's much more flexible than other solutions I researched."

by Rod Aust |  Director of Information Technology HIPAA Security Officer  |  The Corvallis Clinic, P.C.
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"I really appreciate Wrike. It provides me with much needed visibility to critical projects and timelines. I am recommending it to many of my colleagues."

by Maxwell Drain |  Manager, Knowledge Management  |  Press Ganey Associates, Inc.

"Wrike is an innovative project management solution and an excellent alternative to Basecamp and other Web-based applications."

by Mike Smith |  business owner  |  i am Mike Smith blog

"Wrike has a lot of benefits. From integration with email to the built in time tracker, it’s worth its weight in gold."

by Ronda Roberts  |  Bright Hub
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"My favorite feature of this program is the ability to use Email as a project management method - by having the ability to turn Email not only into tasks but into Gantt Charts - saving time and thus saving money."

by Nick Doherty |  Managing Editor, Television  |  SBS Online
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"I trialled over thirty project management solutions in a two week period, searching for help with a myriad of tasks and milestones thrown at me by a new role. Then I found Wrike. Wrike recognizes the role of a small unit within a large company, making it possible for me to track all projects, whether big or small in scope. The clever email integration is an unexpected and wonderful bonus. The team behind Wrike clearly understands modern workflow practices. The search is over, now back to work."

by Scott Whigham |  Founder  |

"We were using Zoho Projects until we found Wrike and we switched to Wrike within three days after starting our trial. My favorite time-saving feature? Email! With Zoho (or Basecamp), I have to stop what I'm doing, launch a website, click through 5 or 6 times to get to the new task, and then finally I can type in the task (if I could even remember). With Wrike, I just open a new email and I'm done!

Thank you!"

by Aaron Anderson |  CRM Strategy Manager  |  3RD Wave Research
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"Wrike's streamlined project management capabilities have helped our organization efficiently complete projects that include collaborators in 3 countries. All of Wrike's features ingeniously thought out and executed to maximize ease of use and utility."

by David Erickson |  Internet technology blogger  |

"All Wrike's features combined create a very strong and useful product that many businesses can and should take advantage of."

by Tina Forsyth Online Business Manager & Coach  |

"I’m a fan of keeping things simple, and this system marries what I'm already doing in my inbox with the function of keeping myself organized and on task with a traditional project management system. I give Wrike two thumbs up."

"Wrike combines the flexibility and spontaneity of collaborative software with the ease of use and structural rigor of traditional e-mail to help organizations manage projects efficiently while allowing a maximum number of team members to contribute to a project’s successful completion."

"I think Wrike is a really great web 2.0 based tool in online project management space. Take advantage of useful collaboration feature of Wrike and discover the new level of management and planning of your business and personal life. "

"It’s a great way to keep your whole team on the same page while offering one, simple collaborative environment. One word – efficient. "

by Ryan Erwin Web Development  |  RED Digital Cinema

"TODAY, Wrike has become a better Project Management solution than BaseCamp or GoPlan - Wrike’s got everything they’ve got, along with excellent Email integration that they don’t!"

by Lisa Robinson  |  Method123 Ltd

"The great thing about using Wrike is that you actually get your tasks done and on time!! You are always looking at the big picture rather then forgetting it and getting too overwhelmed."

"I don't "manage" projects - I walk a tight rope. The challenge is to focus on the next step while keeping an eye on the endpoint. Wrike is the only program with enough flexibility to allow us to correct our balance while prodding us forward."

by Brad O'Connor  |  Coastal Inspection Services Inc.
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"The 'Template' option is a powerful addition to WRIKE's capability - further enhancing an already powerful time and resource management tool. I must comment and commend the WRIKE Team for being so responsive to the needs of its clients. I continue to recommend WRIKE to my friends, and colleagues. Keep up the great work!"

by Alex Bellinger |  Founder and Editor  |  SmallBizPod

"Wrike makes it easy to create, assign and monitor tasks, building projects rapidly and organically, via email. Including a email address in a project email automatically assigns it to your project online. Every time a task is updated, all those subscribed to that email task will be notified."

"CONGRATULATIONS for such a great product. I know, I have been in Project Management for 10 years!"

by Mark Snyder  |  Priority Express

"What impressed me, and made Wrike my first choice, was the great responses you provided in the comments section of the reviews I found on the web. I saw your focus was on creating a fantastic product and you understood the reviews were a key part of the process. You took those comments in stride; your responses were well thought out and extremely helpful in proving to me your company would likely be the best choice."

by James Wilson |  Publisher/Producer  |  Wilson Productions/Vegas Buzz News

"Prior to Wrike - I daresay like most people - I had notes and folders all over my computer for different projects and tasks. I had to use other types of organizers to cross-link the files. Still, important tasks and projects fell through the cracks - because there were cracks.
With Wrike, Every thing is laid-out in a structured hierarchy. Most importantly, any part of the hierarchy of projects and tasks can be shared with as few or as many people as required. I can share or assign projects and tasks in as much detail as necessary."

by Stephen Smith |  Writer  |  Productivity and Web 2.0

"I love the “timeline” view that lets me see the tasks and what order they need to be addressed. Check it out, I do not think that you will be disappointed."

by Stephen Smith |  Writer  |  Productivity and Web 2.0

"Each user has one universal login, no matter how many Tasks or Groups that person in involved in. This allows for sharing of tasks between different accounts, even in different organizations."

by Rob Neville |  Vice President  |  RedPrairie
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"I do think that for a start-up trying to manage development projects with people in different regions of the world this[Wrike] would be a great system to use."

by Samuel Dean  |  Web Worker Daily
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"My favorite thing about the application [Wrike] is that it’s built from the ground up with the understanding that e-mail collaboration is central to how most projects get done."

by Stephen Smith |  Writer  |  Productivity and Web 2.0

"The unlimited users feature is definitely one of Wrike’s strongest. I tend to have more of the one-off projects that require a short period of collaboration between users in different parts of the world."

by Stephen Smith |  Writer  |  Productivity and Web 2.0

"I also like the automatic updates and the feature of uploading and attaching a document as part of a task. "

by Philip Woodgate Chartered Accountant and Partner  |  Goodman Jones LLP

"It is extremely easy to use and if you're undertaking an SME project coming then it is well worth finding out more."

by Stephen Smith |  Writer  |  Productivity and Web 2.0

"Wrike is fun to use, quick-loading, and easy to input your data."

by Duc Ly

"It’s fantastic and amazing. It surprised me."

by Felix Sheng  |  A blog about technology, gadgets, web2.0 and general geek life.

"I think Wrike is a really strong entrant into the online project management space."

by Meade Rubenstein  |  itprojectguide

"I would say it's a GREAT INTERFACE - smooth, easy to use."

"The short answer is that there are things I absolutely love about this service."

by Bill Ives  |  The FASTforward blog
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"Wrike is designed for the small to mid-size business and for simple projects within larger corporations. It can handle many simple simultaneous projects that require coordination and connectivity between them. It offers the transparency of enterprise 2.0 and takes project management outside of the silos of email and attached applications."

by Richard Morochove  |  PC World
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"Wrike offers a full-featured Web-based project management service. I love the easy way that you can assign each task to another person by simply entering an e-mail address in the "Also shared with" box. Wrike sends an e-mail inviting the person to sign up and log in to the project's site. "

by Bala Krishnamurthy  |  eCubeH Research Labs

"The service from Wrike has been fantastic. In the early stages, I wrote a number of enhancement requests. Each of those messages was taken with seriousness. [Wrike team] was continuously, promptly and courteously responding on each of the issues."

by Nikhil Gupta Technical Sales Manager  |  An Ericsson Company

"One of the necessary evil in today’s world is the ability to work with people in all corners of the globe. Tools such as Wrike help online project management very easy."

by Dave Garrett |  President and CEO  |

"Wrike is an interesting, very very simple tool... It offloads a huge part of the administration."

by Lisa Amorao Marketing Programs Manager  |  ATR International

"It’s simple. There aren’t any features we don’t need. It covers just what we need it to cover."

by Victor Karamalis Founder  |  Authenticated Apparel

"One of the few products that opened my eyes is an online collaboration and organizational tool called Wrike. offers more functionality and can perform more projects on one account. "

by Kristopher Patel  |  StandAside

"I am impressed! Which has been happening lately for some reason... Definitely of use to many managers our there who need to keep track of various projects and delegate them to various people."

by Chris F. Ravenscroft

"So far I like your tool a lot. So much so that my whole team has started using it."

by Ian Brown |  Managing Director  |  BlackApple

"Love the Wrike idea and simple email interface options."

by Aibek Esengulov  |

"Wrike is an awesome project collaboration tool, it lets you efficiently collaborate with other people (employees, team members, etc…) on different projects, regardless of their location. It’s an extremely fast and simple application that has all the necessary features."

by Clay Spinuzzi |  Associate Professor  |  Spinuzzi

"Wrike is a web-based project management service that competes with Basecamp and others in this area."

by Sid Yadav  |
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"Having tested many project collab and management tools in the past which always seem to end up having something missing... Fortunately, Wrike is one of the tools which I’ve found to be complete in many ways... Secondly, what is really the ‘killer’ feature of Wrike is the ability to assign tasks and manage projects through e-mail... Given its simplicity with an appealing and familiar interface, it’s a great product."

by Anthony  |

"Continuing with this weeks “simple” theme, here is a powerful yet simple online collaboration app. Wrike is basically a smart email organizer with some added features."

by Stowe Boyd  |

"A new lightweight task manager app has launched, called Wrike."

by leWeb3
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"The winners of the start-up presentations at leWeb3... Wrike - Turning email into next generation collaboration tool for SMB market."

by Steven Wittens  |

"What I like about this software is it’s simplicity of the work flow. By using pre-existing e-mail skill sets this application is able to expand upon what the user is already comfortable with using and integrate its own application “toolset”. This is a good example of software not getting in the way, of how software can use workflow and a methodology to create an application. "

by Cathy Brooks  |  Guidewire Connection

"Wrike is a B2B web-based application that takes the "killer app" of email and turns it into a next-generation collaboration tool. Why on earth do we need another collaboration tool? Perhaps because the ones that exist either don't have the best workflow options or they require we change our behavior to use them... or both."

by Rafe Needleman  |  Webware
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"The collaboration service Wrike is rolling out today... That is about the easiest way I can imagine to create and assign tasks. It's even easier than using Outlook's own Tasks list..I also like the way Wrike signs up new users: When you send somebody a message and cc Wrike, the recipient is automatically signed up."

I think it's obvious from Wrike's design that the system engineers all have project management experience. It's seems like they took our feature wish list and built a service around it." - Aaron Anderson, account strategy manager, 3rd Wave Research.

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