Ah, procrastination. We know we’ll regret giving in to its siren call, and yet it’s so seductive that most of us can’t resist. This infographic will help you understand the root causes of procrastination so you can start to withstand the lure of “I can always do it later…."

Arm yourself with these 8 strategies to fight procrastination: 

  1. Focus on the benefits. Look at the task as something that will improve your life, rather than a chore that must be completed
  2. Chart your progress. Making progress visible by checking items off a list or filling in a progress bar can boost your motivation.
  3. Feed your productivity — literally. Eat a banana or drink a glass of juice to replenish your blood glucose levels and give your brain a boost.
  4. Work somewhere comfortable and familiar. Our brains read uncertainty as risk and are more prone to distraction. 
  5. Set a timer. Tell yourself you only have to buckle down and focus for 15 minutes. Repeated, short sprints can add up to big progress. 
  6. Find a work buddy. Having someone to hold you accountable — and celebrate with when you’ve accomplished your goal — is great motivation. 
  7. Establish a routine. Include scheduled breaks to refresh your brain and renew your focus. 
  8. Set mini-goals. Break up a big, intimidating task into individual steps, then give yourself a little reward when you hit specific milestones.

Read the rest of the infographic to find out exactly what happens in your brain when you procrastinate, the driving factors behind habitual procrastination, and the surprising monetary cost of putting off tasks. 

8 Mental Weapons to Vanquish Procrastination (Infographic) Source: Agile8.com

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