Hello there, trailblazers and esteemed captains of industry, and welcome to our final chapter in the odyssey of efficiency. We’ve covered a lot in blogs one and two of this series but today, let’s focus on the brightest star in our efficiency universe: Wrike.

Our recent webinar series, Unlock Efficiency With Wrike, concluded with an invigorating session led by our CMO Esther Flammer along with guest speaker and Forrester Total Economic Impact™ consultant Emma Conroy and Wrike customers Dan Wallack of Carvana and Emily Trussler of Lead Express.

The discussion illuminated some ways in which Wrike is being used as a backbone to support ongoing efficiency gains, and it’s time to share these insights with you! 

The Total Economic Impact™ of Wrike

Guest speaker and Forrester Total Economic Impact™ consultant Emma Conroy took us through a Wrike-commissioned TEI™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting. The findings? The composite organization in the study saw a three-year ROI of 396% and a net present value of $9.78 million with Wrike. But it’s not just about numbers — it’s about the transformation of your work.

Real-world constellations: Carvana and Lead Express

Dan and Emily gave us a telescopic view into their Wrike workspaces at Carvana and Lead Express. Over four years, they’ve seen meteoric rises in collaboration, process refinement, and, of course, efficiency.

Their stories aren’t science fiction; they’re real results from harnessing the power of Wrike. Listen to the full series to learn more.

Quantum leaps in efficiency

From the micro (streamlined meetings) to the macro (significant time and labor savings), our customers have charted new courses to efficiency. Centralized information, workload clarity, and refined processes — these are just some of the gains that are quantifiably and qualitatively out of this world.

Forrester Consulting found that with Wrike, project managers save over 200 hours a year, which equates to about four hours a week. Newly launched projects have become more efficient, with two hours saved per project every week.

The gravity of adoption: Expert advice

Our panelists agree — a full commitment to Wrike is key. Lead by example, ensure your team is primed for adoption, and, remember, the data you put into Wrike is the treasure you’ll extract.

“Be ready to commit to the system,” said Dan. “Be ready to make sure your team is ready for living in the system. The leaders and decision makers — be prepared to lead by example. The more you put in, the better results you will get out of it.”

Emily added: “Ensure that you are getting the best use out of all the [Wrike] features — there’s so much you can do. It’s really adaptable to different teams, different departments, and different businesses.”

Navigational tools: Action items for your voyage

Having a starting point for all things efficiency can be helpful to get things kick-started. We’ve gathered a toolkit to take with you on your efficiency journey with Wrike:

Your mission awaits

You stand at the helm of your organization’s rocket ship, gazing into the efficiency cosmos. With Wrike as your copilot, the potential is limitless. As you embrace the new year, it’s high time to grasp the opportunity to lead your teams into a new era of productivity and success. Ready for liftoff?

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