As a professional services leader, you should equip yourself with the insights needed to illuminate unseen complexities, navigate economic uncertainties, and improve efficiency. 

To make it easy to discover the strategies essential for your organization’s resilience and growth, Wrike has released new research that uncovers the most effective measures professional services teams take to enhance efficiency.

Road to efficiency: How professional services teams thrive

In Wrike’s 2023 Efficiency Report, leaders across the professional services industry ranked poor communication and collaboration, time wasted on activities like duplicative work, and ineffective use of technology as top causes of inefficiency. To combat these, 82% of professional services leaders are looking to work management software to provide a single source of truth for work across their organization.

“With continued economic uncertainty looming, the pressure is on for professional services teams and firms to shorten time to value for key stakeholders, increase efficiency across their organization, and deliver on business outcomes,” said Thomas Scott, Interim CEO at Wrike. “Transparency with clients is essential and real-time reporting is a must-have. We are passionate about helping these teams deliver successful projects profitably.”

Deliver success with the best platform for professional services.

Wrike’s solution for professional services encompasses powerful features for teams across the professional services industry — including IT services, management consulting, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), marketing agencies, and more — that are designed to connect and accelerate the entire project life cycle, from scoping, planning, and execution to time tracking and resource management. Wrike also offers the following templates to help organizations get up and running quickly, maximizing efficiency and addressing some of the critical challenges professional services teams face day-to-day:

  • Project Delivery Initiation
  • Contract Management
  • Enterprise Service Management
  • Professional Services Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Services Scoping and Initiation

Beginning the efficiency journey

“In Wrike’s 2023 Efficiency Report, 80% of leaders said consolidating applications is one of the most effective ways to improve efficiency,” continued Scott. “Conversely, 59% of knowledge workers use redundant software applications, and the problem extends beyond disparate apps. Many organizations also use more than one work management platform — 63% of professional services leaders say this creates a lack of visibility into the work between teams or departments. Leaders must now come together and engage in more strategic conversations about their tech stacks because consolidation is needed to get to a single source of truth.”

From many to one: Granicus’s shift to a single work management platform with Wrike

Wrike’s ability to bring all work together in one place is already helping customers like Granicus, a global leader in customer experience technologies and services for the government, improve efficiency. Previously, Granicus used between five and eight different project management tools inherited from previous acquisitions to execute and track work across its organization.

By introducing Wrike, it has centralized all teams into one work management platform — increasing visibility, alignment, and efficiency and delivering more standardized processes, reliable reports, and more accessible updates for external clients. It has seen a 20% increase in time tracking compliance since implementation, has taken on 200 new projects in Wrike every month, and can serve 1,200 external clients in Wrike.

Better visibility into projects and performance

“Work was getting lost in emails and across numerous project management solutions, making it difficult to share information,” said Debbie Prette, Director of Implementation at Granicus. “We needed a single source of truth for project management, time tracking, and external collaboration.”

After carefully assessing multiple work management solutions on the market, Granicus scored Wrike as the best option to streamline operations, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce technology costs.

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