Here at Wrike, we’re dialing up the volume on learning! Whether commuting, sweating at the gym, or simply grinding through your workday, podcasts are an excellent way to absorb knowledge. 

In this post, we've curated a quick-hit list of 10 industry podcasts you must add to your library. These podcasts feature insights from top industry experts, ready to share their wisdom and experience in easily digestible audio bites. Get ready to amplify your learning and tune into the voices that matter in your industry. Let’s get to listening!

1. AI Knowhow

This podcast, hosted by artificial intelligence expert Dr. John Smith, explores the fascinating world of AI. The show goes over everything, from basic AI concepts to advanced applications. Its ability to break down complex AI topics into simple, easy-to-understand conversations makes it stand out.

2. The Project Management Podcast™

This is the go-to podcast for anyone interested in project management. Guided by seasoned project manager Oliver Lehmann, it provides insights on best practices, case studies, and expert advice. Its in-depth interviews with industry leaders set it apart from other podcasts in the field.

3. The Digital Project Management Podcast

Hosted by Ben Aston, this podcast offers a deep dive into digital project management. It covers various topics, including tips on managing digital projects and software reviews. The podcast is focused on the digital aspect of project management, a niche often overlooked by others.

4. The Working Genius

Led by bestselling author Adrian Gostick, The Working Genius podcast explores how people excel at work. The podcast topics range from leadership strategies to personal productivity hacks. Its unique approach of studying the genius in every worker makes the podcast an exceptional listen.

5. Leading Up

This podcast, hosted by leadership expert Michael Useem, delves into the challenges of leading from the middle. The show discusses strategies, techniques, and personal stories about leading from within the team. Its focus is on middle leadership, an often ignored aspect of leadership.

6. The Agile Brand™

In this podcast, host Greg Kihlström discusses how brands can stay agile in a fast-changing market. The podcast’s focus on branding strategies, customer experiences, and brand agility in the modern market makes it a must-listen for marketing professionals.

7. Right About Now

Hosted by acclaimed writer Jon Favreau, this podcast focuses on the art of storytelling in different industries. It shows how to create compelling narratives and bring stories to life with a unique emphasis on storytelling.

8. Morning Brew Daily

This daily podcast, hosted by journalist Kinsey Grant, delivers the top business news in a digestible format. Its quick, daily updates and engaging format explores market trends, business strategies, and interviews with industry leaders.

9. Manage This — The Project Management Podcast

This Velociteach podcast offers comprehensive insights into project management. Led by Andy Crowe and Bill Yates, they discuss best practices and certification tips. The hosts’ combined expertise and detailed coverage of topics make this podcast a valuable resource for project managers.

10. 5 Minutes Podcast With Ricardo Vargas

As the name suggests, this podcast provides quick, five-minute insights into project management. Hosted by Ricardo Vargas, a leading voice in project management, it covers everything from planning tips to dealing with project risks. Its brief format and the depth of information packed into each episode make it a top choice for busy professionals.

And there you have it, 10 industry podcasts worth hitting the play button for. These gems offer a wealth of insights, expert advice, and inspiration at your fingertips. Remember, continuous learning is the key to professional growth. Tune into these podcasts and turn your idle time into a learning opportunity.

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