The first step to any successful project management is acquiring the right talent. No matter if your organization has one hard-working recruiter or an impressive HR team, the applicant-tracking process can be time-consuming and demanding at times. Among other things, it requires prompt access to recruitment data and the ability to always keep track of the applicants' statuses, engage the team in the process, and more.

Fortunately, with Wrike, you can not only overcome the mentioned challenges, but also easily track the applicants and manage your projects within one single app. And, while Wrike helps you to streamline the whole recruitment process, you can focus on your main goal – acquiring the best talent possible!


In a new tutorial video, we featured some simple ways to optimize your applicant-tracking process with Wrike, so you'll be able to:

  • Stay on track with the applicant's status and progress.
  • Manage the applicant flow for the concrete position.
  • Use custom statuses and tags to find a sought-after applicant in a few clicks.
  • Analyze your recruitment channels to spot the most effective ones.
  • Keep all your recruitment data and action items in one system with no need to switch between apps.
  • and more!

Don't miss a chance to take a glance at the second part of our new tutorial video with our Top 5 productivity tips, as they will not only save you time, but also make the recruitment process smooth and simple!