We understand that change can be difficult. That’s why we have this blog series, Championing Change, to highlight how our customers have implemented Wrike, increased its usage, and convinced skeptics within their teams and across their organizations. 

In the latest Championing Change blog post, we’re chatting with Nitisha Prasad, Traffic Admin at Fulton Hogan, an infrastructure organization that employs over 9,000 people and provides construction products, services, and expertise that seek to improve communities in New Zealand and Australia.

‘The request forms were magic’

Nitisha is like a lot of our users: she wants to get right into Wrike to figure out how it can work for her. “I was taught the basics of Wrike by my manager at first, but after a week I got into practice and did some trial and error,” she explained. “I’ve been able to learn how Wrike works in just a month.” Through practice, YouTube tutorials, beginner videos, and live chats, Nitisha gained the confidence she needed to really put Wrike into practice. 

After using Google Sheets, switching to the Wrike platform was a relief. “We don’t have to deal with a lot of Google sheets now; instead we just have Wrike spaces with a lot of folders,” she said. “Everything will remain on the same software and there’s no risk of losing data.” 

But change didn’t come as easily for the rest of Nitisha’s team. “The initial response was “No,” because everyone thought it was a lot to do. But now that they’ve used Wrike, they’re confident in using it,” she said. 

One of the key factors in getting her team on board was the ability to effectively transfer data into folders using request forms. “The request forms were magic. When my team discovered how easy it was to fill out data from forms into folders, they were astonished and eager for the experience,” Nitisha recounted. “The automations are just wonderful.” 

product gif of wrike request form

Improved efficiency with daily Wrike use

The growing use of Wrike at Fulton Hogan has resulted in increased efficiency and accuracy for projects across the board. Nitisha explained, “Projects are submitted on time and never late, there’s no room for excuses, and there’s plenty of time for each project to be monitored.” In fact, she reported that most employees on her teams are now using Wrike on a daily basis, and “employees no longer make excuses for not receiving emails for meetings or submissions.” 

The bottom line? Teams using Wrike at Fulton Hogan are achieving unparalleled effectiveness and accuracy. “Wrike values the funds that are invested into organizations,” Nitisha said. “Everyone absolutely loves Wrike.” 

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