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How to identify roadblocks in client project planning

Thinking ahead to potential roadblocks in the project life cycle is an important part of project planning. Examples of a project roadblock could include insufficient resources, poorly defined project scope, or limited funding. 

For example, let’s say that your lead graphic designer is essential to project completion and you’ve experienced lengthy review cycles with this particular client in the past. But, when you look on the team calendar you see that this designer has a three-week vacation planned at the end of the project life cycle. This may present a significant roadblock. 

Another example of a potential roadblock would be an informal client arrangement where project scope is not well defined. This can lead to scope creep, scope leap, and gold plating — all major causes of budget and deadline overrun. 

Identifying roadblocks in client project planning is all about looking ahead to the things that, if left unaddressed, could cost your project team time and money.