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Are paper timesheets bad?

Paper timesheets are old school. There’s no denying it. But are paper timesheets bad? 

Your parents may associate paper timesheets with memories of their youth spent clocking into their summer jobs via punch card. While there’s nothing wrong with choosing this manual method of tracking attendance and tasks, time tracking software provides more accurate and valuable insights that would be harder to collect manually. 

Time tracking software also centralizes team and project data, eliminating the need to track paper time cards.

With time tracking software you can: 

  • Manage task length 
  • Identify bloated/lengthy processes
  • Assess employee productivity 
  • Accurately and efficiently bill clients
  • Digitally organize a wide range of data

When it comes to the question of whether paper timesheets are bad, the old adage “to each their own” comes to mind. However, if you want to leverage accurate data around productivity, a digital tool is your best bet.