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What Is Full-Stack Digital Marketing?

We’ve all heard the term for developers, but did you know that ‘full stack’ can apply to digital marketing too?

To understand what this means, let’s first look at what is meant by the term. The original definition of ‘full stack’ is knowing a computer program inside and out, on both the front and back end.

Over time, this came to be used as an adjective to describe developers who could solve just about any technical problem. Nowadays, its meaning has evolved to indicate that someone has a complete skill set in a certain field.

For example, it isn’t uncommon to hear of a ‘full-stack writer’ or a ‘full-stack marketer.’ Full-stack digital marketing, then, is a term for those who have in theory mastered all marketing mediums and can competently handle a company’s digital marketing needs. So what exactly can a full-stack digital marketer help out with?

Conversion rates

A conversion rate is a figure that tells you what percentage of website visitors have converted their interest into action, meaning they have clicked an ad or CTA button.

The conversion rate is one of the most important KPIs for a business’s marketing efforts, as it lets you know if customers are sticking around, and more importantly, taking action.

A full-stack digital marketer will be able to come in and boost a company’s conversion rate across various platforms, which will lead to more customer engagement and hopefully a boost in sales.

Digital strategy

Digital strategy refers to everything a business does online to draw in new customers and cultivate existing relationships.

Given the rise of digital transformation, in which businesses have been forced to adapt to the new digital landscape, it’s crucial to have a strategy in place for taking your operations online.

Whether you’re establishing an eCommerce store to sell goods online or figuring out how to reach a wider audience with social media, a full-stack marketer can help.

Driving traffic

Website traffic refers to how many users visit a website. It’s another important KPI for a business with an online presence.

A full-stack digital marketer can boost your website traffic figures so that you have more potential customers seeing your content and what you have to offer.

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