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What Is Direct Digital Marketing?

Direct digital marketing (DDM) is exactly what it sounds like: reaching out directly to customers through various marketing methods.

Examples of direct digital marketing include email and social media. These methods appeal to customers on a more personal level than mass marketing efforts.

Whereas mass marketing casts a wide net to catch as many prospects as possible, direct digital marketing is aimed toward individual customers. As a result, it relies on an email address or a social media account rather than a TV set.

Email marketing

Email marketing can be either cold or warm, which refers to whether there has been previous contact with the prospect or not. If it’s an email to new customers, it’s cold email marketing. If they are existing subscribers, then it’s warm email marketing.

Many companies rely on email as a direct form of marketing since it’s a quick way to reach new customers or provide value to existing ones. It can take the form of promotional emails or regular newsletters, depending on who you’re targeting.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is effective in a way that no traditional marketing method could have been. With social media accounts, you can interact directly with customers at any time of day, wherever they are in the world. That’s a lot of marketing power to have at the click of a button, so it’s worth mastering.

Not only can you drive customers to your website with well-placed links, but you can also start up a conversation using a trending hashtag or simply respond with humor to user comments. Social media opens the doors to endless marketing potential if you have the patience to build up a following.


There are several keys to effective direct digital marketing, one of which is the call to action (CTA). A CTA is copy that aims to convert interest into action. For example, when you’re browsing a website landing page, and you see ‘find out more’ or ‘subscribe,’ these are CTAs, as they are buttons you can click to take action.

In direct digital marketing, CTAs are invaluable as they take a customer from passively looking at a website or considering a purchase to the next step. Without CTAs, you’d have a hard time leading customers down your sales funnels.

The placement of CTAs and the choice of words can make all the difference, so it’s an important element to think about in your DDM strategy.

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