The world of marketing has long since advanced from the old school methods of vision, intuition, and perspiration. If you intend to excel in the industry this coming year, you need to realize that marketing is both art and science. Your success in 2016 will involve just as much number crunching as it does generating and executing on creative ideas.

This infographic from the fine folks at Formstack outlines seven marketing skills that are essential for your success as a marketing professional this year.

Two important highlights:

  • Chief among the list of marketing skills is the ability to scientifically decipher and analyze data pertaining to your audience. After all, steady improvement of every aspect of a marketing campaign is impossible without baseline measurements, metrics, and the capability to glean insight from all these numbers.
  • Another skill set to highlight: technical skills. This includes such things as coding, graphic design, video production, even copywriting. Having technical skills will speed up the process of collaborating with other departments and resources. And not just in terms of speaking a common language. It also helps if minor revisions don't need to be shuttled back and forth between departments because you can make the changes on your own.

See the infographic below for the full list of seven skills:

7 Marketing Skills You Will Need in 2016 (Infographic)Source: Formstack

What Other Skills Will Be Important?

You might be thinking: "Well, that's good for marketing. But what about the business world in general? What work skills will continue to be crucial all the way into the next decade?"

Check out our infographic on the Top 10 Work Skills You Will Need in 2020.

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