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What Is Digital Marketing Analysis?

Digital marketing analysis is crucial for developing an effective marketing strategy. Analysis is one of your most powerful tools for growing a business and can lay the foundations for future success.

If you want your digital marketing campaign to succeed, it makes sense to back your efforts with data rather than guesswork.

In a typical digital marketing analysis, you might do the following:

  •  Evaluate company performance according to KPIs and other metrics
  •  Conduct research on your target audience
  •  Look into your competitors’ marketing strategies
  •  Assess the best approaches to boost the effectiveness of your marketing efforts

To ascertain whether or not a digital marketing campaign has been successful, there are many metrics that require special attention. These metrics can inform your future marketing efforts and provide the kind of data that will help you grow and expand your business.

Digital marketing metrics

To meet your company’s marketing goals, it’s important to analyze the metrics that matter.

With these metrics, you’ll be in a better position to know if you need to shift the direction of your marketing to hit your target audience.

Web visitors

Website traffic is a huge indicator of marketing effectiveness, as it tells you how many people were curious enough about what you offer to check out your website.

Unique visitors as a metric refers to how many different people viewed your website, so this can be a useful figure to look out for. Repeat business is great, of course, but you want to know that your marketing has cast a wide net and brought in many new people.

Bounce rate

Getting potential customers to visit your website is one thing, but making sure they stick around is another altogether.

Bounce rate refers to how many website visitors decide to take off before committing to an action on the website, such as clicking a ‘subscribe’ button or making a purchase. It also tells you if they didn’t even navigate to another page on the website.

If you have a high bounce rate, you probably need to channel energy and resources into optimizing your website and its copy.

Click-through rate

Click-through rate is instrumental for any business. This figure tells you how effective your calls to action (CTA) are, as it shows how many people decided to take action and click on a CTA button.

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