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What Is a Digital Marketing Workflow?

How does your digital marketing team get work done? A digital marketing workflow refers to how teams manage their work and the outcomes they wish to achieve with their projects. Here, we’ll cover exactly what’s involved in a digital marketing workflow and why your team needs a robust workflow to succeed.

What is involved in a digital marketing workflow?

A workflow in any industry or area is a step-by-step process of how work is done and how the team’s outcomes will be achieved. It’s a timeline of the order of each task, from initiation all the way through to completion. 

In digital marketing, therefore, a digital marketing workflow is simply a breakdown of the tasks and expected outcomes of a digital marketing project. You could use a digital marketing workflow to plan a social media campaign, the publication of an eBook, or the launch of a new brand podcast. The goal is to make the work process easy to understand and follow for your team.

Digital marketing workflows provide a repeatable framework for teams to use for all of their creative tasks. They’re a great way to monitor your projects, coordinate your resources, and keep team members on track and motivated to succeed.

Digital marketing workflow examples

Social media marketing workflow

Activities included in a social media marketing workflow could include:

  • Researching channels, platforms, and tools
  • Deciding what kind of content to post and where
  • Content creation — photography, copywriting, gathering relevant links and references
  • Design — creating visual assets
  • Creating a social media calendar  
  • Scheduling social media posts 
  • Monitoring and analyzing results

Content marketing workflow

A content marketing workflow might include the following:

  • Keyword research
  • Audit of existing content
  • Content creation — writing, editing, and proofing by relevant stakeholders
  • Publishing content
  • Monitoring and analyzing results

Podcast launch workflow

If your team was launching a new podcast, here are some of the tasks that would be involved:

  • Ideation — brainstorming a name, general theme, hosts, duration, potential guests, etc.
  • Research — potential audience, competitors, best practices for podcast creation
  • Creating a publication calendar to map how often episodes will be recorded and released
  • Booking a recording studio or organizing equipment and skilled team members to aid in the technical aspects of the show
  • Scriptwriting, editing, and proofing
  • Recording the podcast
  • Publication of the podcast
  • Promotion on social media, web pages, advertisements, etc.

As you can see, there are endless ways to use a digital marketing workflow to your advantage. If you’re wondering where to begin with creating your own workflow, Wrike’s work management solution offers custom workflows that users can tailor to suit their team’s specific needs. Find out more here.

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