Launch Preparation

As we come to the close of the Deployment engagement, it’s important to make sure all areas of the process have been covered. By now, your team should have a solid understanding of how to use Wrike and know where to find the information they need. This includes:

  1. Viewing the introductory videos prior to training
  2. Ensuring that the team is confident in starting, executing, and completing work in Wrike
  3. Setting up and completing personal profiles (ideally with photo avatars!)

Please review the Deployment Process checklist (PDF) to ensure that you are ready to go live.

Because we’re committed to your success, we have placed our staff of expert work management professionals at your beck and call — in fact, we’ll introduce them to you to in this session.

Your Customer Success Manager is the go-to person for any product-related need — whether that means future trainings or demonstrating new features— and is available to aid you in attaining and sustaining full adoption of Wrike.

By the end of the Launch Preparation session, the following should be accomplished:

  • Identify champion team
  • Clarify Wrike’s usage scope
  • Define 90 day goal
  • Determine Launch Day
  • Define and input clearly defined processes in Wrike
  • Establish folder structure
  • Establish at least 1-3 projects
  • Add users
  • Create groups
  • Entire champion team can explain your new Wrike process
  • Define “Rules of Wrike”
  • Set Wrike Introduction meeting date
  • Complete internal training plan
  • View introductory videos prior to training
  • Ensure team is confident starting, executing, and completing work in Wrike
  • Set up all personal profiles
  • Confirm champions are able to onboard new users