The kickoff call is key to paving the way for a successful deployment of Wrike in your organization and brings us one step closer to our Launch day! During this session we will define the scope, goals, and timeline of your deployment. But before we jump straight into the call, you should have completed the short survey that was sent to you by your consultant which gives us more insight into your team and your goals.

It’s important to note that during the Kickoff session, we will reference a few things that you will need to understand:

1. The 90-day goal:

This is the target we want to aim for. In 90 days, what will be different in the way you work as a team and as a company? What will be better? To ensure that target is a goal that is achievable, make sure it adheres to the S.M.A.R.T. criteria. S.M.A.R.T. stands for:


2. The people involved in the deployment process:


  • Sponsor: The Sponsor(s) is a person(s) with the proper authority in your organization to provide clarity to why Wrike is being adopted, who is expected to use Wrike, what type of work and what communications will happen in Wrike, and also when key moments within the deployment process should occur. (i.e. trainings, launch date, etc.) In certain contexts, this person can also be the Deployment Lead.
  • Deployment Lead: The Deployment Lead is the point-person for the deployment of Wrike. This will be the point-of-contact for communications with the Deployment Consultant and will coordinate and facilitate scheduling and execution of calls/meetings for the different touch points in the deployment process. In certain contexts, this person can also be the Sponsor.
  • Deployment Consultant: The Deployment Consultant is your friendly Wrike productivity and project management expert who will guide you through the entire process.
  • Deployment Team: The Deployment Team is the small group of team leaders/department heads that have the proper authority and knowledge to define team workflow and processes. The Deployment Team will work with the Deployment Consultant to map and refine your organization’s processes and translate them into Wrike.
  • Champions: Champions are the power users, the early adopters, the influencers, the sherpas on your path to collaboration nirvana. Our experience shows that successful deployments involve a group of champions within an organization to help lead the charge of utilizing Wrike. How many do you need? At least one Champion for every 5 users in your account.
  • Users: Users are everyone else in your organization that will be utilizing Wrike.

3. Launch date:

This is THE day. You’ll say goodbye to crazy spreadsheets, reports, status meetings and useless email and say hello to Wrike. Our experience shows that clients that set a date and stick to it often gain traction faster within their organization as well as have a more complete adoption by all involved.

  • By the end of the Kickoff session, the following should be accomplished:
  • Identify champion team
  • Clarify Wrike’s usage scope
  • Define 90 day goal
  • Determine Launch Day