Change Management Preparation

While Wrike is intuitive and simple to use, the impact it will have on your team’s working habits should not be underestimated. Wrike will affect many aspects of daily work in profound and positive ways: how you communicate, how you collaborate, how you provide visibility into work. 

This paradigm shift can be intimidating and overwhelming, so in order to achieve sustainable change, we give you these proven steps to make change smooth and sustainable:
  1. Define the “Rules of Wrike” with your Champion Team. Set up standard operating procedures of how your organization/team will interact with Wrike.
  2. Identify people who might be resistant to change. Hold individual conversations about Wrike with those people; understand and address their concerns.
  3. Have a “Wrike Introduction Session” with all users. Give an introductory demo of Wrike. This is not meant to be a training session — that comes later. In this meeting you simply cover the following:
  • Why are you using Wrike: the objectives
  • What will be done in Wrike: projects, processes and deliverables
  • Who is expected to use Wrike: teams and individuals
  • How are people expected to interact within Wrike: the “Rules of Wrike”
  • When the User Trainings will take place: dates and times
  • Launch Date definition
By the end of the Change Management Preparation session, the following should be accomplished:
  • Define Rules of Wrike
  • Set Wrike Introduction Session” date
  • Complete internal training plan