Find Out Why 2.3m People Prefer Wrike Over Jira

Wrike work management software provides a customizable and user-friendly solution for hundreds of use cases and scenarios.


Wrike has so much more to offer

Wrike vs Jira Tools ComparisonWrike vs Jira Tools Comparison

Why Wrike is better? More customizable and easier-to-use features


What makes Wrike different

Award-winning user experience

Did you know Forrester gave Wrike perfect marks for user experience in their most recent collaborative work management assessment? We make it easy for users to do their best work.

Unrivaled communication tools

We know first-hand how hard it can be to communicate across teams and time zones. Wrike offers features that make collaboration easy, from instant @mentions to multi-user live editing and more.

Cross-functional collaboration 

Wrike excels at the cross-team collaboration necessary to complete large volumes of work. Jira, on the other hand, is designed for small teams to run short sprints with limited collaboration.

400+ integrations

Jira only integrates with smaller, development-focused apps, and most teams require more connectivity than that. Wrike integrates with over 400 apps for maximum productivity.

Helpful organizational hierarchy

Few of our competitors offer hierarchical organization, but we know it’s critical. Wrike’s folder structure provides an organizational hierarchy that allows for better reporting and sharing.

Better scalability 

Whether you’re a member of a team of two or two thousand, Wrike’s features hold up when scaled. As your company grows, you need a work management platform that can support any size team.

<p><span>Wrike vs. </span><span>Jira</span><br></p>


Wrike vs. Jira

Compared to Jira, Wrike is a more robust solution that will work for any size team focused on a range of specialities. Jira, on the other hand, is suited only to small teams of developers. We know you need more than that.

Top-rated by industry leaders

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“Wrike has a nice, elegant look — which is good in comparison to Jira, which had a lot of utility but was a little wonky in use.”

Dante Dominick, Marketing Director, Alchemy Systems
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“In my experience, Wrike is particularly well suited to solving issues that a helpdesk engineer is likely to encounter on a day-to-day basis.”

James Duel Guess Helpdesk Engineer
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“The ability to know where a project stands and what needs to happen next within the assigned timeline is super beneficial and adaptive.”

Justin W. Engineer II - Site Planning

The right features for the right teams

Wrike has features designed to make the job easier for every team.

<p><span>Keep the tools you like in the platform you love</span></p>

Keep the tools you like in the platform you love

Wrike integrates seamlessly with MS Teams, Slack, Adobe CC, and more than 400 other applications. It even includes native and custom integrations with no bugs, no lags, and no problems.

<p><span>Choose Wrike and discover 50% faster planning</span><br></p>

Choose Wrike and discover 50% faster planning

Considering Jira? Wrike work management software offers a better user experience and provides more flexibility as you grow.

<p><span>Choose Wrike and discover 50% faster planning</span><br></p>