UPDATE 06/16/2017: We've updated our product feedback process. If you have feedback on Wrike, add a new post to the Product Feedback section on our Community (or upvote an existing post).
We love to hear your feedback in the blog, via e-mail and over the phone. You submit a dozen awesome ideas every day, and we release the ones that you ask for most often. For example, advanced filtering options, mass task-editing and universal search were included in our latest release, following your requests. To give you more transparency into what features we are working on and why in the future, we are launching a Feature Voting tool and welcome you to vote for features you cannot live without! How does Feature Voting work? Go to vote.wrike.com or access voting right from your Wrike workspace: If you have something you'd really like to see in Wrike, voice your thoughts and suggest a new feature! And if you see that a feature you want is already in the list, vote for it! You have 5 votes to speed up release of the features you can't wait for, as the top vote-getters will be our primary work focus. Visit Wrike's Feature Voting to see what's already in the works and what will soon be. Thanks for helping us make Wrike the world's most practical project management software, and keep the feedback coming!