Commissioning Forrester Consulting

We commissioned a Total Economic Impact™ study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, to find out how a composite organization achieved return on investment with our collaborative work management platform. The results were significant.

What did we discover?

The study revealed a three-year net present value and ROI figure that demonstrates the potential financial impact Wrike has on an organization with a payback period within the first six months of use.

From savings accrued from eliminating low-value work, to profits realized from customer retention, this study breaks down the 396% ROI and $9.78 million NPV Wrike delivered.

Beyond the numbers

In addition to millions in savings and added profit, The Total Economic Impact™ of Wrike, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Wrike, outlines far-reaching benefits of our software, including:

  • Improved business agility
  • Better employee alignment
  • More efficient resource management and allocation

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