Have you ever received a work email that got you so hot under the collar, you were minutes away from transforming into the Incredible Hulk? Or an email that was so confusing, you had to clarify  what you were being asked to do in the first place? Well, you are NOT alone.

In a survey conducted by CPP and Sendmail, 64% of respondents reported having either sent or received an email that resulted in unintentional anger or confusion.

There are many reasons why work emails frustrate us: no one replied to the email; too many people hit "reply all"; the email content was too long and detailed; or it was too vague; you were being reprimanded by the grammar police; or you were simply drowning in too much email.

This just proves what we've been saying all along: email is not the best tool for managing teams, deadlines, and complex projects. It's great for short notes, but not project management. The time is ripe for clearer communication tools that don't add to a worker's already clogged email inbox, and allow for more efficient collaboration between team members.

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Why Work Emails Cause Anger & Confusion (Infographic)
Source: Sendmail, Inc.

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