Please note: As of October 26, 2023, the Marketing Insights add-on is no longer available to new customers. Don’t worry, our award-winning software still offers robust support for marketing teams to measure and report on performance data. Check out our pricing page or contact our sales team for more information.

At our recent virtual event Collaborate, I was struck by an old quote our CEO Andrew Filev highlighted in his keynote speech: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” It emphasizes that without the right insight and visibility into their department’s work, a CMO may never get a full understanding of their department’s performance, or how to increase professional services revenue.

In parts 1 and 2 of this blog series, I discussed the technical obstacles and human challenges that CMOs had to navigate throughout 2020. And this quote reminded me that visibility into marketing performance is really the key to overcoming them. Without the right insights at their fingertips, marketing leaders will struggle to optimize their campaign plans and resources, leaving them wondering why they didn’t yield a better ROI. But with dispersed teams, disparate martech systems, and fluctuating marketing agency pricing models, it can be difficult to get an overall view of your marketing department’s efficiency and impact on the business.

I’d like to introduce you to Wrike for Marketers Performance, a first-of-its-kind solution that empowers CMOs with real-time visibility into performance across all channels, campaigns, and digital ads in a single platform — so your marketing team can accelerate campaign delivery, optimize results, and increase ROI.

Bring all your marketing insights into one platform

In real time, Wrike for Marketers Performance provides insights into digital performance across all channels by aggregating and transforming performance metrics from 50 popular digital tools across advertising, social media, and marketing automation into an easily interpretable format, giving you full-funnel visibility across all campaigns channels. Wrike is the only collaborative work management solution that provides digital marketing teams with instant access to cross-channel performance metrics right where their work happens.

Where’s the Rest of Your Marketing Revenue Hiding? 2

This end-to-end campaign insight allows marketing teams to evaluate the impact of each campaign or ad to quickly take action to maximize conversions. With better visibility across your marketing department, you can make smarter strategic decisions, create high performing assets, deploy your best resources, and invest in the right campaigns. 

Automate data analysis to prove campaign impact

You’ll no longer be stuck waiting for weeks on analysts, wrangling with spreadsheets, and making suboptimal decisions based on stale data. With pre-built performance dashboards in Wrike for Marketers Performance, CMOs can visualize and share end-to-end campaign performance to quickly discover optimization opportunities across campaigns, audiences, and channels, and prioritize your spending. While other collaborative work management systems, like Workfront, say they can deliver reports, their software fails to extract, aggregate, and normalize large data sets; only Wrike automates the entire data analysis process.

Where’s the Rest of Your Marketing Revenue Hiding? 3

With Wrike you can customize the data you want to see according to your business needs, with the ability to share results and important information across the organization. You can connect campaign efforts to results across all marketing channels with analytics dashboards, integrations, and automations. 

Centralize work to accelerate campaign delivery

Wrike for Marketers Performance is the only collaborative work management solution that gives you a single source of truth and 360-degree visibility over your department’s performance — with all marketing execution, data analysis, and team collaboration happening in one digital platform. Wrike offers the collaboration functionality, including live editing of tasks, robust communication tools, and integrated document proofing. With everything in Wrike, your team can work better and deliver impactful campaigns faster.

Where’s the Rest of Your Marketing Revenue Hiding? 4

As you and your marketing team look for better ways to pivot and improve campaigns, empower yourselves with the visibility you need to accelerate work that drives ROI marketing and connect efforts to results. Schedule a demo of Wrike for Marketers Performance to see the first-of-its-kind marketing solution in action.