It's Friday the 7th! Time for this week's edition of the Work Management Roundup where you can grab the latest links to articles on getting work done efficiently and improving yourself. As always, you can browse these links in the accompanying Flipboard magazine: The Work Management Roundup

What to Listen to While Working (Medium): Does listening to instrumental music really help you get work done? How about coffee house ambience? Here are some guidelines on what to listen to if you want to be productive, backed by science.

Get Your Computer to Announce the Time (The Next Web): This hack is really simple: get your Mac computer to speak the time every 30 minutes. It will force you to readjust priorities if you're taking too long to finish a task and keep you from wasting time. Windows users can join the fun too.

The 10x Rule Tool I Use to Organize My Life (MACangel): Entrepreneur Marni Melrose explains how she organizes her high level goals and projects using GTD (Getting Things Done) and Wrike.

6 Organizational Culture Examples Worth Following (EnPlug): These six companies may differ in size, location, and mission, but they all have corporate cultures that are worth emulating.

5 Simple Phrases That Will Make You a Better Manager (GetLighthouse): While it's true that leadership is more about what you do than what you say, your words can go a long way in motivating your team. Here are 5 simple phrases that will help you lead any group.

How to Read More (Unlimited Mastery): Why reading is important, and some solid tips on how to read more even when our schedules are constantly filled to the brim.

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