A picture is worth a thousand words, so what about a video? Or even a video channel! We decided to give you a full overview of Wrike's project management tutorials in our brand-new Wrike TV.

Come visit our YouTube channel, where you already can find several new arrivals – on Wrike's integration with Google docs, handy drag-and-drop support and the fantastic Activity Stream. Here's a piece on how you can work on Google Docs collaboratively in Wrike:

But this is just a beginning, as we want to turn our channel into a get-together to exchange great project management ideas. We will share some interesting experiences of project management gurus and useful tips on efficient collaboration in the easy form of little videos. As you can see, the most interesting updates are on their way, so stay tuned! You can easily subscribe to our channel with your Google account.

Do you have a piece of practical advice or an inspiring team experience to share with other viewers? Be our TV guest star and cover yourself with glory! We prepared a small present for you – a gift card for ThinkGeek – to thank you for helping our users become more productive. We also have some gifts to raffle off among the first 100 lucky subscribers and anticipate presenting them to you!