Regardless of how well your tasks are organized, sometimes you need to quickly find a task that is hidden somewhere in a long chain of subfolders.

With Wrike's new universal search, there are no hidden places left in your project management workspace. Just type in the search word or phrase, and Wrike will find them not only in task and folder titles, but also in their descriptions and comments. On top of that, the search box is available across the whole workspace, so you can look for the tasks or folders of interest, for example, while you're scheduling tasks on the Gantt chart or working with tasks in the table.

Your search queries appear as tags under the search box.  They persist as you switch between multiple workspace views, so you can, for example, quickly get an overview of the found tasks on the Gantt chart. To quickly refine your search, remove the corresponding tag from the list or click "x" at the end of the search entry box to clear the whole query.

Three available search options in the drop-down menu allow you to specify where Wrike project management software will look for your search query:

         1) Search in titles and descriptions of tasks in the current folder;
         2) Search in titles and descriptions of tasks in all folders (choose the "All tasks" option); or
         3) Search in titles, descriptions and comments on tasks and folders (choose the "Everywhere" option).

If there are no tasks found with your search query, that's not a reason to give up. Click on the "Descendants" button, so tasks in subfolders are also included in the search results.

There may be the opposite situation: you get a long list of tasks that suit your search query. In this case, you can further narrow the list with Wrike's new enhanced filters or sort your search results by different criteria (importance, due date, status, priority etc.).

Quick, convenient and precise – the new universal search will make your project work much more efficient.