Those of you who already tried connecting your Wrike and Google Wave accounts already know how easy, fast and convenient it is to turn your Wave discussions in to tasks with due dates in Wrike. You don’t have to store your project-related information in two different systems. Wrike’s extension to Google Wave seamlessly turns your wave into a task, and your project management software automatically keeps track of all the changes. The feature turned out to be so popular that it also caught the attention of Google Wave developers. They’ve given us a few very helpful tips on how we can make Wrike’s integration with Google Wave even handier.

Recently, we added a few enhancements to this feature and are happy to share them with you.

Setting task parameters right in the wave
We made it simple for you to specify the task details as soon as you turn you wave into a task. When you add Wrike to your new wave, you see a panel, where you can edit your task start date (1), due date (2), status (3), priority (4) and the responsible party (5). 

2-Way Synchronization
All your task details are synchronized in Wrike and Wave. So if you change something in your wave, the edits are immediately visible to your team members in Wrike. Vice-versa, when you edit your task in Wrike, (for example, add a comment) your comment appears as a new blip in the wave.
Easily find your task in the workspace
Your wave now has a link to your task in the Wrike workspace, so that you can instantly find it and go directly to this task, if you need to. When you click on the link, you’re automatically redirected to your task in Wrike.

These enhancements will save you even more time when you collaborate with your team by using both systems, Wrike and Google Wave. We hope that you enjoy them.