Welcome to the Friday Work Management Roundup, where we bring together the week's best reads on productivity and work. This week, we feature articles on how to fight back when you're too busy, unmotivated, and feeling a little, well, stupid. But not in a negative way! On the contrary, some of it will make you laugh. Read on:

Must DO:

How to Kick Ass Even When You Are Stupid (Medium): With a title like that it better be hilarious. And it is. Writer John Altucher talks about how he's constantly surrounded by smarter people. These are his tried-and-proven coping mechanisms for surviving — without trying to fake intelligence.

How to Keep Yourself Motivated (Medium): If you ever feel unmotivated to get through your work, here are 3 tips to help you keep on keeping on. It's includes a pretty unique tip we're reading for the first time: get yourself an accountability buddy.

How to Be a Great Manager vs. an Average Manager (Medium): For you comics fans, here's a webcomic illustrating 5 typical situations in which managers communicate with their people. The difference between Great and Average lies in the choice of words and the accompanying actions.

How to Start a 30-Second Habit with a Lifelong Impact (STARTUPS + WANDERLUST + LIFE HACKING): Super simple. After every meeting or significant experience, take 30 seconds to write down the most important points. Read about why this matters.

Must READ:

Your $4 T-Shirt is Costing You Millions (Medium): One entrepreneur advises companies to spend twice as much on logo emblazoned t-shirts so they get 10 times the value. Because people really will keep wearing your company's t-shirt if it looks and feels good.

The Cult Of Busy (Medium): Dina Kaplan's insightful essay on how we tend to glorify busywork, and brag that "my to-do list is longer than yours." A great reminder to step back, make time for what's important, and stop using "I'm busy" as a status symbol.

The Science Behind Broken Work Cultures (Fast Company): Amidst the debris of the Amazon culture debate, this article looks at research on motives. As it turns out, the better our reasons for working, the better we perform at work. Makes sense. Take a deep dive into the 6 fundamental motives of why we do anything.

I Spent a Month Replying to All of My PR Emails With "I Love You" (Hexjam): The founder of a PR agency decided to prank everyone who emailed him by professing love in his email communications. Hilarity ensues.

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