It's Friday, which means it's time for the Friday Roundup. But even better, it's September 25th, which also happens to be National Comic Book Day! In honor of that, we present to you the latest batch of links to articles that will make you a superhero in the workplace, at home, and yes, they'll even power your project management. Up, up, and away!

To Stop Procrastinating, Start By Understanding the Emotions (Wall Street Journal): Procrastination is an emotional reaction brought on by stress. If stress is your kryptonite, then time management strategies can only get you so far. You will need to conquer it by first understanding the emotional reasons for why you delay work. If you can, you'll soon become invincible.

4 Tricks to Sharpen Your Mind at Work (Wired): While these tips won't turn you into the genius Professor X from X-Men, they will allow you to tackle work with fresh energy, and give you a sharp perspective that might seem a little superhuman to your colleagues.

5 Project Management Lessons to Learn from Superheroes (Wrike): Spider Man, Green Lantern, Thor, and others superheroes all have something to teach you about project management. Learn something to boost your leadership from these famous leaders.

Creative Exercises for Creative Teams (Medium): If your super creative team faces the evil menace called artist's block (it threatens to destroy all work!), then choose an idea from this list of 29 creative exercises that are sure to get the ideas flowing once again.

131 Actionable Ideas from Ten Books I Wish I Had Read Ages Ago (Medium): Here's a collection of the important action items from 10 books on productivity, habit-building, and business. It's Cliff Notes for workers who are too busy to read full books, but still want to power up their skills.

Long Hours Backfire for Companies and Workers (Harvard Business Review): Research proves that working long hours harms workers and inevitably, companies. It's a story of burnout and diminishing returns. And if you keep at it too long, even superheroes can begin to wilt.

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