In today’s ever-changing business environment, a pen and a piece of paper are no longer enough for a manager’s success. Without effective tools for task management and team collaboration, a manager is left empty-handed against the information flood. The constant flow of new data, rescheduled deadlines and modified requirements should be quickly processed by the manager and communicated to the whole team.

All these requirements were met by Wrike. “I love the fact that it hit everything on my dream list. With its help, we get vastly better results. We get more things done and done faster,” says Timothy.  He has thoroughly investigated all of Wrike’s task management features and is eager to share his findings with you. For example, do you know how to save 50% of time spent on meetings with the help of Wrike’s social networking features? Find the answer and other useful tips in the case study
“The Secret of Efficient Task Management: Tips from ROI Revolution.”

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