SAN FRANCISCO — Police in San Francisco say they have narrowed down their list of suspects in the ongoing investigation into the death of a travel brochure project. The project was originally owned by the advertising agency Sea Cliff, Presidio, and Associates, Inc. The case received national attention last year when the brochure mistakenly featured a photo of the Bay Bridge rather than the Golden Gate Bridge, leading to a dramatic decrease in visitors to the city of San Francisco between June 2013 and June 2014. Mistakes leading to the project's demise occurred over several weeks, and were allegedly made by various members of the project team and their associates. The police are trying to determine which mistakes were truly fatal, to bring the ultimate culprit to justice. In the Wrike-exclusive video below, hear suspect interviews and updates from the Chief of Police as he sheds light on this very public case. According to him, "Unfortunately, we're seeing this type of thing more and more. It's very sad. We hope that by sharing our investigation with the public, we can prevent future project deaths."

"There are no words to adequately describe the impact of this blunder on our great city," says an anonymous San Francisco native. Police declined to comment on who they believe to be most responsible at this point. As of this morning, they have not made any arrests.

Do You Suspect an Imminent Project Death?

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