How much time could you save if you didn't have to constantly jump between applications?

Wrike is always looking for creative ways to speed up processes and increase efficiency. With our new introduction of 'Starred' and 'Sent' items in Inbox, users can reduce steps and save more time.

We do this by creating an intersection between communications and your own work: a simple 'Star' icon, which instantly flags your own prioritized tasks.

Quickly Prioritize Your Work & Communicate in a Single Place

  • The new Starred section within Inbox contains your complete priority task list.
  • Scan and focus on incoming @mention messages with the blue Star - your top priority tasks.
  • Star conversations you need to keep an eye on. When the urgency is resolved, un-star it.
  • When working on projects, Star high priority or urgent tasks to keep them easily accessible.
  • Leverage the split screen in Inbox to get work done faster: scroll conversations on the left, and take action on the right.

Filter Your Inbox Instantly: Incoming, Starred, and Sent

  • Starred items organizes your urgent work for action.
  • Scan quickly: @mentions are listed chronologically in Incoming and Sent sections.
  • Respond easily by @mentioning individuals and adding a comment on the right.


Centralize All Your Work Conversations

  • Integrate key email and IM conversations in Wrike, align them with specific projects and tasks, and track changes and decisions.
  • Track conversations and changes in comments.
  • Subscribe to notifications for file, assignee, schedule, or status changes.

'Starred' and Sent Items are available for all Wrike users in Inbox. Try out Starred and Sent Items if you're a Wrike user.  


New to Wrike? Start a 2-week free trial and check out the new 'Starred' and Sent sections of your Inbox.